Push Boundaries In Faith Formation!

The Fahs Fellows are educational entrepreneurs in the field of religious education who research and propose innovative solutions to challenges to faith formation and practices within religious education. Fellows receive a stipend, funds to support their research project, and are expected to make formal presentations about lessons at conferences and through social media. 

Fahs Collaborators are people who are:


  • Believes the power of creativity and imagination renders no problem as insurmountable
  • Can see multiple sides of an issue and generate alternative responses
  • Has confidence in the potential of human beings to grow


  • Driven to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious
  • Has a can-do, adventuresome attitude
  • A life-long learner fascinated by the human condition


  • Play well with others
  • Comfortable with receiving and providing critique with empathy and kindness
  • Can apply both systems’ lens as well as individual growth/development
  • Enjoys growing the ideas of another person without need for personal recognition


  • Someone interested in the science of teaching and learning
  • Eager to craft solutions that not only deepens understanding but changes behavior
  • Capable of creating new systems, practices, roles that break out of business-as-usual modalities


  • Can express ideas through multiple formats (e.g. writing, oral, kinesthetic, arts-based, and so forth)
  • Can translate ideas into educational encounters/experiences that promote learning


  • Understands (and willing to learn more about) how developmental and social change happens
  • Committed to tearing down socially constructed walls that divide the human family (e.g., anti-racist, anti-oppressive)