Beloved Conversations Curriculum
The Beloved Conversations Network
Being part of the Beloved Conversations Network means you are engaged in a learning community that is testing new strategies for tearing down the socially constructed walls that divide the human family. Our assumption is that you join this work in the spirit of connection, searching and modeling how to be life-long learners on a topic that is extraordinarily complex. We hold periodic conference calls for facilitators to play with ideas, evoke new insights, and explore challenges. Join our private FaceBook page wherein all facilitators share questions, experiences, and resources. Contact Julica Hermann for an invitation to join.

For individual congregational coaching, schedule a coaching call with Learning Coordinator, Julica Hermann.

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Beloved Conversations.....What's Next?
Now that many congregations have held intial Beloved Conversations programs, some are thinking ahead to supporting their transformational work into the future.

Based on a report from First Unitarian Church of Portland Oregon on two years of Beloved Conversations, here are suggestions for how to keep the momentum going and expand your Beloved Conversations program:
Beloved Conversations Files Are Online
Password protected .pdf files for congregations/organizations who have joined the Beloved Conversations Network can be found in the sidebar on this page. (You will receive a password via email once payment has been received.)

Seminars At-A-Glance

Seminar 1   Deep Check-in: Making Sense of the Retreat; The Invisible Footprint of Racial/Ethnic History

Seminar 2   Exploring Our Dynamic of Racism and Privilege

Seminar 3    Racism Today: Micro-Aggressions

Seminar 4    Interrupting Racism

Seminar 5    Community Audit: The Experience of Race & Ethnicity in your community

Seminar 6    The Legacy of Racism in Congregational Experience

Seminar 7    Toward a New Identity: How Can We Be-in-the- World?

Seminar 8    Collecting our Wisdom, Creating our Future; Celebration of Learning & Community