The Curriculum Incubator
What is the Curriculum Incubator?
The Fahs Collaborative’s Curriculum Incubator is where wise and gifted educators gather in service of either growing a seed of an idea into a full and useful product, or creating new curricullar stratgies to stubborn or difficult learning problems. Members of the cohort are assigned to projects that match their skill-set, disposition and experiences.
The first Curriculum Incubator project developed an experiential discernment and integration curriculum for UUs engaged in cross-cultural service learning encounters, both in the United States and abroad developed at the request of the UU College of Social Justice
Cost for Incubator

The cost for running an Incubator will depend on the nature of your curricular need, and the how members of the Design Team meet, the location and frequency of follow-up meeting, and the level of expertise of members of the Design Team (e.g., volunteers or professional educators).  At a minimum, The Collaborative charges $350 to cover administrative costs.

In-person meetings in the Collaborative offices cost, at a minimum, $500 per day per person (includes airfare, hotel, meals).  $125 for 5 hours of design time, per educator.