Global Fellowship for Multifaith and Multicultural Engagement

Meadville Lombard is committed with giving religious leaders the skills and tools to lead in diverse environments. It provides opportunities in which leaders from different cultures and faith traditions articulate their beliefs to those who think in a different way and reflect on how faith traditions influence and transform current issues. Through the Fellowship for Multifaith and Multicultural Engagement, Meadville Lombard, trains religious leaders to drive social change and build peace in diverse environments.


Fellowship Overview
Religious leaders, social leaders, and scholars from different faith traditions and cultures participate in this fellowship program. They work with an American peer and other fellows, and travel to the United States to establish conversations about peace and religion and be part of a multifaith and multicultural immersion. 

Peer Collaboration 
July to November 

Fellows prepare for leadership in the context of their local communities. They meet remotely with an American peer and the other fellows to continue developing tools to collaborate with those who think differently as well as sharing the challenges of leading interfaith and intercultural discussions in their communities.  

Multifaith and Multicultural Immersion
During their time in the United States, fellows participate in a week long retreat in North Carolina and live in Chicago while taking classes in Meadville Lombard. Together, they face challenges of making agreements and building a multifaith/multicultural community by sharing their living spaces, daily duties, as well as engaging in discussions about theology, ethics, and culture. 

Religious Leadeship Training
May to July 
Fellows join Meadville Lombard students in educational activities aiming to create a deeper cultural understanding and grasp abilities to motivate interfaith and intercultural conversations. Through class discussions and group projects, students and Fellows analyze the influence of religion on current events, create ways to promote communities’ positive response to multifaith relations, and strengthen their abilities to serve others based on the values of justice, equity and compassion.
Successful Candidates Wlll Be Able to Demonstrate
    • Experience or strong interest in leading multifaith, multicultural, or religious peacebuilding projects.
    • Sustained commitment with an academic institution, religious organization, NGO, or grassroots organization
    • Ability to effectively articulate his/her religious beliefs and ideas.
    • Interest in learning from a multifaith and multicultural experience.
    • Good verbal and communication skills in English.
    • Willingness to be involved in an intensive interfaith and intercultural immersion. 
Application Process
  • Deadline: February 23, 2015
  • Three parts:
    • Application form 
    • Resume
    • An essay including:
      • What motivates you to be part of the Multifaith and Multicultural Understanding Program? 
      • How have you engaged with people who have different ideas and beliefs? Please include an example
  • Please send the application form, resume, and essay to Claudia Espinel at before February 23, 2015
Important Dates

February 23: Application deadline
March 23: Meadville Lombard Theological School notifies candidates of the decision
May 20: Beginning of the Fellowship
July: Travel to the United States and Peer Collaboration starts
November: End of the Fellowship