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We are graduates of various Meadville Lombard programs throughout the years who use the skills and relationships seeded in that strong and evolving institution to enliven our Unitarian Universalist ministries. We gather at General Assembly every year, and find each other at countless other denominational and Meadville Lombard events throughout the year, to rekindle friendships and strengthen our ministries. And we support the institution that has gifted us with so much by staying connected, informed, and enthusiastic about how Meadville Lombard prepares ministers and serves our faith.

There are many ways to stay connected:

We can also support the mission of Meadville Lombard:

I’m always happy to help you think about ways to connect with Meadville Lombard and to talk about the exciting ministries and opportunities at our school. When I see our school’s courageous sense of innovation, consistent focus on excellence in ministry, and historic and contemporary passion for Unitarian Universalism, I realize that I’ve never been prouder to be a Meadville Lombard graduate. I hope you’ll join me in the excitement, service, and enthusiasm for an institution that equips us to be ministers of love, justice, and beauty in the world.


Rev. Bill Neely, MDiv '06