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Dear colleague alumni/ae:
Linda Berez, Alumni/ae President

Greetings and welcome to the Meadville Lombard Alumni/ae Association. Membership is free and is open to graduates from all Meadville Lombard programs.

Each of us has a unique Meadville Lombard experience, and yet we all have the same one. Whether you cherish the memories of the Hyde Park campus, or if you marvel at the breathtaking views from the South Loop location, we share a foundational education that unites us all. Certainly, not every day was wonderful. Yet, and perhaps because of the challenges that we faced here, Meadville Lombard has played a pivotal role in lives.

It is the aim of the Meadville Lombard Alumni/ae Association to see that your Meadville Lombard experience does not end at graduation. We gather every year at General Assembly and hope to have you join us.

In addition, here are a few of the ways that Meadville Lombard helps us to stay connected:  

  • Become a Teaching Pastor 
  • Stay in the loop with emails from President Lee Barker 
  • Visit the school
  • Host an informational gathering about Meadville Lombard 
  • Take a class 
  • Access the Wiggin Librar
  • Introduce the people in your new congregation or ministry setting to Meadville Lombard by inviting a school representative for a visit
  • Sponsor a student 
  • Give back 

Whether your graduation year was '12, '82 or '62, the Meadville Lombard Alumni/ae Association wants to help keep you in touch with your classmates and your school.

In faith,

Linda Berez ‘06
MLTS Alumni/ae President