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Students entering the Master's degree program at Meadville Lombard should anticipate costs beyond tuition and fees as they complete the program requirements. For instance, those seeking fellowship from the Unitarian Universalist Association would need to plan for the costs of the fellowshipping process. To give you an idea, some of those anticipated costs are listed below. 

Program Costs

  • At least three trips to Chicago each year
  • Travel costs while in Chicago (public transit, parking, cabs, as needed)
  • Books
  • Housing costs in Chicago during the Intensives (classwork at the Chicago campus)
  • Food costs during the stay in Chicago
  • Transportation costs to/from the internship sites each year


Credentialing Expenses (MDiv only)  

Listed below are expenses that students will need to plan for as they seek credentialing for fellowship status with the UUA, regardless of the seminary attended. Expenses noted with a “*” are also Meadville Lombard program requirements.

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) application fee and other associated costs (background check*, drug testing)
  • Transportation and other expenses to CPE site
  • Career Assessment
  • Travel, housing, food for Regional Subcommittee on Candidacy (RSCC) appointment
  • Travel, housing, food for Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) appointment
  • Additional MFC reading list books
  • Criminal record check
  • Attending UU General Assembly (not required, but valuable)
  • Transcript request costs (undergrad and graduate work (including seminary) to be sent to RSCC, CPE and MFC applications/packets.