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Welcome to Meadville Lombard! 

We offer many opportunities for prospective students to learn more about our programs and, more importantly, to connect with the Meadville Lombard learning community.  Some events we have coming up are listed on the right, but we also encourage you to call or email us for more information or to set up times to visit our campus, our faculty, and staff. 

An effective way to discern if our learning community is the best fit for you, is to to take one course for credit at the audit price. You will see from our course schedule that we offer week-long and weekend courses during January, March, and July. Because you take the course for credit, it will apply to your course of study should you choose Meadville Lombard as your learning community.

March 26 & 27, 2014: "25 Hours @ Meadville Lombard"

Join us for a peek into life at Meadville Lombard that will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Connect with current students
  • Sit in on class sessions
  • Meet our faculty that includes Unitarian Universalist powerhouses in ministry, teaching, academics, and activism
  • Discern your call to ministry within the context of the changing religious landscape of the modern era

Overall, you’ll engage with a learning community that grows 21st century ministries.  The 25 hours starts at 2:00pm on Wednesday, March 26 and ends at 3:00pm on Thursday, March 27.  A $40 registration fee will cover a night in a hotel and most meals..

Contact Justine Urbikas to reserve your spot or for more information.

Learn More

Below is a list of links to pages on our website that will help you get started, but also feel free to contact Justine D Urbikas, Assistant Director of Recruitment, for a more personal tour of our degree programs and learning community.