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For multigenerational faith formation work in congregations

Sophia Fahs Sunday: Journeys of the Spirit and Here Together are two independent but connected curricula that help congregants of all ages and deepen of shared faith formation as the central task of covenantal faith community.  

Journeys of the Spirit

This worship resource kit is for religious workers who recognize the value of bringing “faith formation for all” to the center of congregational life.  With an eye toward excellence in shared ministry, multicultural diversity, multiple learning styles, and the latest in faith development theory, Journeys of the Spirit has a wealth of content to help you accomplish your goals. The kit includes graphics for congregational publicity, orders of service for people of all ages, music and story resources, and “taking it home” activities inspired by Fahs Research Fellow Karen Bellavance-Grace’s “Full Week Faith” project.  Religious professionals can use the entire worship service packet, or just the elements you choose: and it’s all adaptable for your faith community’s needs.  Sophia Fahs Sunday: Journeys of the Spirit is "Worship in a Box", free for downloading.

Here Together: Developing Multigenerational Communities Through Worship

This curriculum supports religious leadership in learning together why shared worship is so essential, readying congregations together toward a multigenerational community of faith.  The curriculum format is a series of short learning videos from an array of colleagues in the field.  It is especially valuable for RE and Staff teams exploring the “why” of whole church worship, as well as the “who, what, when, where and how” questions that arise when planning multigenerational experiences. These tools develop a unified understanding of the theological value of shared worship as faith formation for all, and develop shared skills to support a commitment to doing more of it in your congregation.