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Meadville Lombard Booth: #117

Stop by and meet our faculty, staff, current students, and alums. Learn more about our degree programs, Fahs Collaborative's curricula that you can bring back to your congregations and communities, work of the Library and Archives team, and our Global Initiatives. Pick up some swags when you are there!

Wednesday, June 20

Alummi/ae Reception & Annual Meeting

5:00-6:30 pm   801 Chophouse, 71 E. 14th Street

The Annual Meeting will start promptly at 5:30 pm. Email invitations have been sent to our alums. Please update your contact information if your email address has changed and you did not receive the invitation. 

Thursday, June 21

Morning Worship

8:00-8:45 am   Hall C  (UUA)

We are all called. The call comes from everywhere; from the past, the present, and the future. We are called by our ancestors, our children, and those who are yet to come to weave our lives together to continue the work of love and justice. We are called to weave a world of justice, peace, and beauty.

Rev. Tania Márquez, MDiv '17; Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, MDiv '17; Rev. Claudia Jiménez, MDiv '18 with Rev. Marta Valentín


Meet Our President and VP

10:30-11:30 am   Booth #117

Come meet President Lee Barker and Vice President Pamela Lightsey at our booth. They are dedicating this one-hour slot for meeting you and answering questions about the school, our programs, ministerial formation process, and any other questions you may have. Don't miss this opportunity!


Growing UU Congregations for the 21st Century

1:30-2:30 pm   2501 B  (All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa, OK)

All Souls Tulsa has grown increasingly diverse racially and socio-economically, begun video live-streaming, attracted virtual members across the globe, given away over $1 million. Working with Thandeka, All Souls took another major leap forward. Learn about proven strategies and tools for growing thriving 21st Century UU congregations.

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar, DD '17 and Rev. Dr. Thandeka (former staff)


Escalating Inequality: Implementing the 2017 Statement of Conscience

1:30-2:30 pm   2102 A  (Commission on Social Witness)

How are Unitarian Universalist congregations implementing the Statement of Conscience (SOC) on Escalating Inequality? Join the CSW and representatives from congregations that are doing this type of economic justice work for a lively conversation. Learn about ways that UUs and their partners are together living out the Escalating Inequality SOC.

Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon, MDiv '03 with Jyaphia Christos-Rogers, Richard Bock, and Dr. Susan Goekler


Risk-Taking and Law-Breaking: Faith-Inspired Civil Disobedience

1:30-2:30 pm   2501 A  (Side with Love & UU Young Adults for Climate Justice)

Unitarian Universalists historically and today have taken action for justice with an understanding that it is just to break an unjust law and sometimes breaking a law is necessary to prevent a greater harm or injustice. Explore spiritual foundations and cultural contexts for faith-inspired risk-taking and law-breaking.

Elizabeth Mount, MDiv '18 with Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen and Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon


Black Humanism in Unitarian Universalist Context and Beyond

1:30-2:30 pm   2502 B  (UU Humanist Association & UU History and Heritage Society)

Black Humanism developed within a Unitarian context but spread far beyond. We consider UU ministers Lewis McGee, a 1940s Unitarian minister in South Chicago, and 20th century William R. Jones, and how their work continues today. We conclude with a powerful voice of Black Humanism from outside the UU context.

Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk (faculty) with Rev. Patrice Curtis, Rev. Karen Hutt, and Mandisa Thomas


Changing Church With the Radical Fahs and MacLean

3:00-5:30 pm   2503  

Imagine! Sophia Fahs and Angus MacLean have journeyed from heritage to here-and-now, to help us understand the powerful potential of this moment. Current approaches to how we do church face challenges from within and without. Come engage, explore and experience how these progressive, prophetic educators speak to faith formation today.

Dr. Mark Hicks (faculty) and Joy Berry (staff) with Jamaine Cripe


Centering Theology: Conversation about Faith, Race, and Liberation

3:00-5:30 pm   2501 A  (Commission on Institutional Change)

Our Association is engaged in an on-going struggle to address the white, heteronormative, economically-privileged nature of the way we exercise our faith. How is our engagement in this dialogue and our engagement with new ways of being a mandate of our beliefs? Come and engage with this crucial issue.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi, MDiv '04 and Dr. Sharon Welch (both affiliated faculty) with Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt, Dr. Dan McKanan, and Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte


Demanding Justice and Equity in Emergency Response

3:00-5:30 pm   3501 CD  (UU Ministry for Earth, EqUUal Access; UU College of Social Justice)

Inequities multiply in disaster situations: prisoners left behind in evacuation zones, ICE patrolling emergency shelters, low-income people displaced or poisoned, people with disabilities left behind… As climate change causes increasing large-scale disasters, prepare to put UU values into action for justice in emergency preparedness and response.

Rev. Suzanne Fast, MDiv '09 with Rev. Susan Karlson and Aly Tharp


25 Years Later: The TJ (Thomas Jefferson) Ball

3:00-5:30 pm   2501 C  (UUA Multicultural Ministries)

General Assembly, 1993! All were invited to attend in period dress. “What are WE supposed to wear?” asked UUs of Color. The “learnings” ripple through today’s commitment to de-centering white supremacy. We recognize the living legacy of the TJ Ball as a milestone on our journey toward racial justice.

Rev. Dr. Wayne B. Arnason (trustee) and Rev. Barbro Hansson, MDiv '98 with Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson and Dr. Leon Spencer


Stewardship, Justice, and White Supremacy

3:00-4:00 pm   2105  (UUA)

We have learned that economic oppression and white supremacy are linked. We also understand that strong congregational finances give us resources to create beloved communities where we can work to dismantle white supremacy. Join us to discuss creating systems of stewardship that reflect our values around power and accountability.

Rev. Jacqueline Brett, MDiv '17 with Jessica Cloud, Mark Ewert, and Rev. Mary Katherine Morn


Reimagining Sundays: The Future of Faith Formation

3:00-4:00 pm   2215 C  (UUA)

Families and congregations are confronting a changing landscape. Sunday morning activities, limited time together, and new options and expectations for religious participation are altering the face of Sunday worship. Join two congregations and Death of Sunday School author Kim Sweeney for an exploration of what’s next for faith formation.

Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long, MDiv '16 with Kim Sweeney, Bethany Giammalvo, and Rev. Laura Thompson


Social Witness Sermon Contest Winner

3:00-4:00 pm   2102 A  (Commission on Social Witness)

The winner of the Social Witness Sermon Contest will preach their sermon.

Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon, MDiv '03


The Democratic Path to UU Leadership

3:00-4:00 pm   2501 B  (UUA Appointments and UUA Nominating Committees)

Join the members of the UUA’s Nominating and Appointments Committees in an open forum in the service of the democratic process that brings us our denominational leadership. Come with questions and suggestions about how our process works.

Rev. Joe Cherry, MDiv '11 and Rev. Kimberly Johnson, MDiv '15 with Aisha Hauser


Get a Grant from the UU Funding Program

4:30-5:30 pm   2102 A  (UU Funding Program)

The UU Funding Program will award $1,065,000 in grants to innovative, exciting projects that build our movement and connections, increase UU involvement in justice work, and organize for systemic change. Come meet the people who give it away and see if your project can receive funding.

Hillary Goodridge, DHL '18 with Michelle Rediker, Rev. Samuel Prince, and Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris


Proposed Congregational study/Action Issues for 2018-2022

4:30-5:30 pm   2215 A  (Commission on Social Witness)

Advocates for proposed congregational study/action issues (CSAIs) will present their ideas and respond to questions. Those interested in each issue will then meet to plan presentations during the Friday General Session where delegates will select one CSAI for 4 years of congregational focus & a possible Statement of Conscience.

Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon, MDiv '03 with Rev. Susan Goekler, Richard Bock, and Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers


Service of the Living Tradition

7:00-8:30 pm   Hall C  (UUA)

Many of our alumni/ae will be honored in their various stages of ministerial fellowship.

Friday, June 22

Partners in Ministry Breakfast

7:00-8:30 am    Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown, Starlight Ballroom

This free event is where you can connect with people who are deeply concerned about the moral integrity of this country right now, and learn more about how we educate the next generation of religious leaders who are passionate about social justice and have knowledge and skills to lead across diverse challenges in our multi-faceted world.

This year at the breakfast, we are honoring the Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed—Meadville Lombard alum, affiliated faculty member, Director of the school’s Sankofa UUs of Color Special Collection, and one of the most prominent scholars of the history of black Unitarians and Universalists. Mark is soon retiring from his lifelong service to Unitarian Universalism and will speak at this event in what promises to be moving address. It is not to be missed!

The breakfast is held at the Crowne Plaza, and you do not have to be registered for GA to attend. The program will be wrapped up in time for the GA attendees to comfortably walk to the morning programs.

Space is limited. Reserve your seat by contacting Barbara Baldwin at or (312) 212-0676.


Gathering Our Selves: Resources for People of Color

11:15 am - 12:15 pm   1501 A  (DRUUM)
People of color only

People of Color impacted by the sting of racism and its pernicious structures rarely have an opportunity to consider its deep impact on their faith formation. Hear first-hand accounts of those who have been experienced this spiritually robust program that transforms racial paradoxes, myths, and stereotypes into places for healing.

Dr. Mark Hicks (faculty); Rev. Jacqueline Brett, MDiv '17; Rev. Claudia Jiménez, MDiv '18 with Adam Lawrence Dyer


Where Power Lives: Mapping to Dismantle White Supremacy

11:15 am - 12:15 pm   2102 B  (Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee)

Power mapping is a strategic tool for identifying power structures and change agents. Using the lens of White Supremacy, we will trace systems that create and protect it, as well as identify influencers in order to create change. Come with others from your congregation if possible.

Elizabeth Mount, MDiv '18 with Ben Gabel, Carrie Stewart, and Mandolin Restivo


What Binds Us Together: Culture or Principles

11:15 am - 12:15 pm   2501 B  (UU Class Conversations)

Is it our culture that binds us together or is it our Principles and Sources? UU Class Conversations will guide participants through an inquiry into our shared identity as Unitarian Universalists and the culture change that may be necessary to welcome people of different classes and races.

Rev. Kellie Kelly, MDiv/MALS '18; Rev. Kimberly Johnson, MDiv '15; Rev. Darrick Jackson (affiliated faculty) and Sky Stewart (student)


Mike Hogue Book Signing

2:00-2:30 pm   UUA Bookstore Booth #811

Dr. Mike Hogue (faculty) will sign his new book, American Immanence: Democracy for an Uncertain World, at the bookstore.

Saturday, June 23

Prospective Student Lunch

11:30 am - 1:30 pm   Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown, Salon D

Are you called to ministry? Come to lunch and find out how the master's degree programs at Meadville Lombard will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience you will need to activate the justice-making, peace-building power of liberal faith, and how our low-residency programs in Contextual Learning model enable you to pursue an exceptional master's degree from where you live and serve, supported by a learning community of faculty, peers, and mentors and a curriculum that integrates theory with practice. 


Call and Response: Listening to Our Lost Legacies

1:30-2:30 pm   2103 C

Within Unitarian Universalism, not all those called have been remembered. This workshop will explore how People of Color were erased from UU history and will provide concrete skills for congregations to begin to correct this injustice by creating historical memories in which all who are called are remembered.

Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed, DMin ’79, DD ’07; Rev. Leslie Takahashi, MDiv '04; John Leeker (staff)


Be Bold! Vital Multicultural Congregations and Communities

1:30-4:00 pm   2103 A  (UUA MGW)

Congregations understand the value and importance of embracing multicultural leadership and ministry – but how? This workshop shares the learnings from Mosaic Makers: Leading Vital Multicultural Congregations conferences and encourages congregations to create a bold vision of multicultural community as well as engaged learning communities to ensure ongoing leadership development.

Dr. Mark Hicks (faculty) and Rev. Tania Márquez, MDiv '17 with Dr. Janice Marie Johnson and Rev. Kathleen Owens


Wright Lecture: The Contested History of Religious Freedom

1:30-2:30 pm   2502 A  (UU History and Heritage Society)

Religious freedom has been presented as a timeless American ideal—one that UUs claim—yet Americans have never agreed about what it means or how it should be applied. Tisa Wenger argues that controversies over religious freedom cannot be separated from the histories of race and empire. Conrad Wright Lecture.

Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk (faculty) with Dr. Tisa Wenger


Mini-Assembly on Proposed Actions of Immediate Witness

1:30-2:30 pm   2102, 2012 A & B   (Commission on Social Witness)

The Mini Assembly is a chance to meet with others who are interested in a proposed AIW. After the facilitators give a brief overview of the AIW process, participants may suggest changes, and offer recommendations. Any amendments must be initially proposed at a mini-assembly.

Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon, MDiv '03 with Rev. Susan Goekler, Richard Bock, and Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers


Outreach & In-Reach: Attracting, Integrating, and Nourishing UUS

1:30-4:00 pm   2215 C  (Pacific Western Region of the UUA)

A sea-change is happening in American religion, and spiritual needs have only grown more intense. Take home tools to attract new people, successfully integrate them into community, and nourish their faith for the long haul. You’ll integrate perspectives from the fields of growth, outreach, communications, and faith formation.

Rev. Tandi Rogers (adjunct faculty) with Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh


Mark Morrison-Reed Book Signing

3:00-3:30 pm   UUA Bookstore Booth #811

Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed (affiliated faculty) will sign his new book, Revisiting the Empowerment Controversy, at the bookstore.


Why truth Comes First in "Truth and Reconciliation"

3:00-4:00 pm   2215 A  (Commission on Institutional Change)

The Commission on Institutional Change was appointed before the last General Assembly and charged in part with conducting a “truth and reconciliation process”. Though we are always eager to get to the reconciliation, what have we learned about the truth? This will be an interactive session.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi, MDiv '04 with Dr. Dereau Farrar, Dr. Elias Ortega-Apointe, and Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore


Hearing on Newly Selected Congregational Study/Action Issue

3:00-4:00 pm   2102, 2102 A & B  (Commission on Social Witness)

Come share your ideas! After the facilitators give a brief overview of the CSAI process and some general tips on how to engage effectively, participants will share recommendations for study, action, and resources, including examples of best practices. The hearing will help the UUA Staff create a CSAI resource guide.

Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon, MDiv '03 with Susan Leslie and Dr. Susan Goekler