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We enrich our students' learning process by honoring and drawing upon their experience and wisdom they bring to MLTS from variety of vocational paths.

Just as the ability to collaborate is essential to effective religious and spiritual leadership, collaborative learning is an essential element of Meadville Lombard education. Our students come to our school from a variety of vocational paths and educational environments. They bring a vast amount of wisdom to their learning community.  Meadville Lombard assures that their experience and wisdom are honored and drawn upon in the learning process.  

Throughout their time at Meadville Lombard, students are arranged by faculty into various cohorts.  Sometimes, if the learning requires, those cohorts will be comprised of students who share an identity such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, ability, etc. Other times, cohort members will be randomly assigned. Regardless, cohorts meet weekly to discuss and respond to assignments collectively, debrief with one another insights from site work experiences, and address shared vocational issues.  

Each week in our Signature Courses, students meet in their assigned cohorts by teleconference or video conference to respond to questions posed by the faculty. The class also meets by video conference four times per semester and gathers in person in Chicago each August and January. As one student noted, the courses are designed so that no piece of the learning can be completed without the other.   

Many years after graduation, alums are nearly unanimous when they report that the students who were members of their Meadville Lombard cohorts continue to serve as their closest colleagues, lending to each other a precious network of personal support and professional collaboration.  And it all began in their first days as students at Meadville Lombard.