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Our archivists work with fellowships, congregations, and other UU organizations to create and maintain their own archives. By empowering communities to take ownership of their history in this way, we help to ensure that the richness and diversity of Unitarian Universalism will be accessible to future generations.   

Meadville Lombard's archivists can help you with


Teaching you how to use basic preservation techniques to stabilize fragile documents and to implement low cost solutions for climate controlled archival storage


Assisting you in creating a plan to efficiently store physical archival materials and make them accessible to researchers

Record Retention         

Working with you to create systems ensure the history currently being made is preserved and made accessible in an appropriate manner

Born Digital Documents and Digitization

Training you on how to handle born-digital documents (documents that are created digitally and primarily exists as digital documents). In some instances, Meadville Lombard can also store these files on our archival server for you. We can also evaluate the utility of digitizing your archival materials

Community Involvement 

Partnering with your community to create an archive group that will can be part of an ongoing effort to continue preserving and making accessible archival documents. We can help the archive group at your congregation create archival displays, oral history projects, and other forms of public history.

Most organizations work with Meadville Lombard through phone calls and web conferencing. For organizations interested in in-depth assistance, Meadville Lombard may be able to send an archivist to the congregation for on-site consulting, provided that the organization is able to pay for associated travel expenses.    

If you are interested in consulting with the Meadville Lombard Archives and Special Collections, please contact our archivist.