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To locate books, use the online catalog. You can go to the catalog directly or use any of the search bars or "Find a Book" links on the Meadville website's Library and Archives pages. In the catalog use keyword searches or choose to search by information you know, like a title or author. You can then narrow your search by attributes like format, subject, or era. Click on the title of a book to get more information, including location and availability.

To find books held at the Wiggin Library only, make sure that the drop-down menu on the search page says "Meadville Lombard Catalog Only." To include books held at other I-Share libraries, select "All I-Share Libraries" in that drop-down. Books' records will note where copies can be found and users can request to borrow from a particular library or the first copy available. 

If you can't find a book you are looking for or have search questions, contact the librarian. For books not available at the Wiggin Library or through I-Share you can make an interlibrary loan request. Read more about getting books from other libraries here