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The easiest way to deal with fines is to return your books on time! However, if that fails, here is what the process will look like. 

All books must be returned on or before the last day of spring semester unless prior arrangements have been made with the library staff. Students with checked out items or outstanding fines will be unable to graduate until they have returned all library items and settled any fines with the library.

All users are responsible for returning their library items by the item due date. Late, lost, and/or damaged items will be fined at the following rates:

  • Books that are not on course reserve will be fined at 25₡ per day overdue
  • Course reserve books are fined at $1.00 per day overdue outside of Intensives. During Intensives, course reserve books are fined at $1.00 per circulation period
  • Users may be billed for the cost to repair or replace lost or damaged items, plus a $25.00 processing fee per item.

Library notices are a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice is not a basis for altering or waiving a fine. Failure to return or renew items, or to pay overdue fines, will result in a suspension of your library account. It may also result in a hold placed on a student's account.

If you owe fines to another I-Share library you will need to contact them to make a payment. We cannot accept payment for fines owed to another library and cannot intercede on your behalf.