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February 27, 2015 - Chris Jimmerson's Ordination Announcement! We, the members of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, do hereby ordain you, Chris Jimmerson, to the Unitarian Universalist ministry. Dear Friends, I am privileged to witness the education, training and formation of Unitarian Universalist ministers up close and personal. And it's no secret that I adore the entire process: meeting the entering class, sitting in on in [...] Full Story >

February 25, 2015 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Bring Multigenerational Faith formation to the Center of Congregational Life!   Journeys of the Spirit is online now!   With an eye toward excellence in shared ministry, [...] Full Story >

February 12, 2015 -   Madeleine Binsfrahm, our Director of Development and Communications, and her husband, Joe, made a big life decision to move from Chicago to Denver. Sadly for us, that resulted in Madeleine resigning from our staff to accept a position as Development Director at the Denver Animal Shelter. But with sadly comes gladly and I gladly inform you thatAmanda Wapiennik joined us last week as our new Director of Development and Communicat [...] Full Story >

October 31, 2014 - Crossing Boundaries: Multifaith Leadership in the New America A new non-credit course just for lay leaders!   August 8-15, 2015 at the Chautauqua Institution Taught by the Rev. Dr. Lee Barker, President, and Roger Doebke, MAR '14.   Read the full syllabus here.   Lay leaders taking this course will build a foundation of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are necessary for emerging leadership in the American multi [...] Full Story >

October 16, 2014 - January Learning Convocation, January 9, 2015 "Change and Resilience: how to sustain and transform religious communities in a post-institutional age." Join a vibrant community of UU ministers and scholars as we navigate the religious possibilities exploding in our post-traditional age. Gather with us to co-create a home for the religious energies emerging across lines of class and race. Participate with us as we tune our heads and hearts t [...] Full Story >

September 04, 2014 - Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science  Religious Naturalism: Where it's come from, Where it's going, and What it means for theology in the public square? Co-Chaired by Michael Hogue & Lea Schweitz  ‘Naturalism’ is notoriously difficult to define. From within the cluster of contemporary naturalisms, religious naturalism hasemerged as an attempt to synthesize religion and science with ethical, theological, pract [...] Full Story >

August 14, 2014 - Meadville Lombard co-hosted the UUA Summer Seminary, which was held in Chicago from July 30-August 4. This program offers youth the opportunity to explore their call to ministry in all its forms, learn about life as a religious professional, and connect with other youth considering ministry, religious education and other religious professional career paths. Meadville Lombard welcomed 16 youth on our campus. A wonderful time was had by [...] Full Story >

April 16, 2014 - Meadville Lombard has named five exemplary students Davidoff Scholars. The Davidoff Scholars will attend the 2014 General Assembly in Providence, RI thanks to the generosity of Ms. Denise Davidoff, former UUA Moderator. Denny currently serves as the Senior Consultant for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs at Meadville Lombard Theological School. “Being present at GA helps to shape my forming ministerial identity – my perception o [...] Full Story >

April 07, 2014 - Course Description Much of the discussion in liberal religion on matters of “race” and cultural difference tends to focus on critique and analysis.  Rarely do we focus on educational and spiritual practices that attend to healing the wounds of cultural and spiritual oppression.  This class will explicitly explore how the process and practice of faith formation promotes the ongoing development of multi-racial, multicult [...] Full Story >

March 05, 2014 - You belong at Meadville Lombard!Join us for this 25-hour immersion into life at Meadville Lombard that will provide you with an opportunity to: Connect with current students Sit in on class sessions Meet our faculty that includes Unitarian Universalist powerhouses in ministry, teaching, academics, and activism Discern your call to ministry within the context of the changing religious landscape of the modern era Overall, you’ [...] Full Story >

March 03, 2014 - Veteran Unitarian Universalist Association official, Kathleen (Kay) Montgomery, joined the Board of Trustees of Meadville Lombard Theological School. Ms. Montgomery served the UUA as Executive Vice President from 1985-2013, working with Presidents William F. Schulz, John A Buehrens, William G.  Sinkford, and Peter Morales. She also worked alongside Moderators Natalie Gulbrandson, Denise Davidoff, Diane Olson, and Gini Courter.  &l [...] Full Story >

March 02, 2014 - Meadville Lombard Theological School is pleased to announce the recent election of Dan Brody to the Board of Trustees. Brody served as Financial Advisor to the Unitarian Universalist Association from 2005 to 2013. “Having Dan Brody on our Board is both a delightful and meaningful gift,” Board Chair Rev. William G. Sinkford commented. “We worked together while I was president of the UUA so I am very aware of his broad profe [...] Full Story >

February 10, 2014 - Ten seminarians studying for parish ministry, five from Meadville Lombard Theological School and five from Starr King School for the Ministry, will receive a $500 scholarship to attend the 2014 General Assembly (GA) in Providence, RI. The scholarships will be funded by the UUA Davidoff Fund for Lay Leadership. “I urge every seminarian to attend GA at some point while they are in school,” said Doug McCusker, 2013 Davidoff Schol [...] Full Story >

February 06, 2014 - The James Luther Adams Foundation has selected Dr. Michael Hogue, Associate Professor of Theology, to give the lecture at the eighteenth annual Forum on Religion & Society to be held on Tuesday evening, March 18, in the Atherton Lounge of Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago.  Dr. Hogue’s topic is “Towards a Deeper Democracy: James Luther Adams and the Aesthetics of Solidarity.” The Foundation is devote [...] Full Story >

January 30, 2014 - Interfaith activist and Meadville Lombard Masters of Arts student, Roger Doebke, has been named the 2014 Tsubaki Grand Shrine Scholar. The Tsubaki Grand Shrine, one of Japan’s oldest shrines founded in 300 C.E., awards one Meadville Lombard student each year with travel to its headquarters in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan for a full immersion experience. For two weeks, the student lives and works alongside Shrine priests to learn abou [...] Full Story >

January 17, 2014 - Dr. Sharon Welch, Provost at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, announced the appointment of Rana Hutchinson Salzmann as Director of Library and Information Technology. Ms. Salzmann began her official duties on January 2, 2014. “We are so pleased to have a professional of Rana’s caliber in our midst,” Dr. Welch commented. “She brings library and technology experience to the complex challenges of cultiva [...] Full Story >

December 01, 2013 - St. Lawrence Foundation generously provided scholarships for two students in the academic year 2012-2013. Read on to learn about the two outstanding students chosen for this scholarship award.  Thank you St. Lawrence Foundation for funding student scholarship aid! Michelle Pederson is called to community ministry with people who are outside of the traditional parish setting, bringing the theological understandings, compassion, love [...] Full Story >

November 13, 2013 - The Fahs Collaborative team brought the culmination of a year’s work to the 2013 Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) fall conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Fahs team partnered with Rev. Tandi Rogers of the UUA Growth Office, Rev. Meg Riley from the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and Musician in Residence, Mark David Buckles, to present an array of programs and worship. The goal of programming was to open participants [...] Full Story >

October 17, 2013 - People of Faith Speak Out for Abortion Access: A Training on Effective Messaging to Protect Access to Care Wednesday, November 13, 20134:00 PM - 5:30 PMMeadville Lombard Theological School | 610 S Michigan Avenue 6th floor | Chicago, IL 60605 States  have  passed  over  200  restrictions  on  access  to  abortion  in  the  last  five years alone—often under the shamefu [...] Full Story >

October 07, 2013 - Crossing Boundaries: Multifaith Leadership in the New America Meadville Lombard announces a new summer intensive to be offered at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY. This course will be offered the week of July 26th and be taught by the Rev. Dr. Lee Barker, President and Professor of Ministry of Meadville Lombard Theological School and Roger Doebke, MA candidate of Meadville Lombard Theological School. The course curriculum is de [...] Full Story >

September 13, 2013 - Meadville Lombard Receives Ten Year Accreditation ATS Board of Commissioners reaffirms accreditation citing “distinctive strengths”   Chicago, IL -- The Board of Commissioners of The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) voted last month to reaffirm accreditation of Meadville Lombard Theological School for a period of ten years, the longest term possible.The vote to re-accredit follows the board’s review of favo [...] Full Story >

September 05, 2013 - Meadville Lombard has built our Master of Divinity degree curriculum knowing that today’s religious leaders require a foundation in the artistry of cross-cultural leadership in order to embrace and expand the diversity that is already in their congregations and communities. This Fall we are offering two courses generated out of that requirement: Multicultural Pastoral Counseling and African Americans and the Unitarians, Universalists [...] Full Story >

August 22, 2013 - Click on each signature course to preview the agenda Community Studies  Leadership Studies  Congregational Studies    [...] Full Story >

July 31, 2013 - Starting this weekend, the first ever Meadville Lombard Chautauqua Award recipient, Jason Cook, will be in Chautauqua. Jason will be spending a week in Chautauqua starting this Sunday, August 3rd until Saturday, August 10th. Jason will deliver the sermon and conduct the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Chautauqua worship service on August 4th in the Hall of Philosophy; participate in the Minister's Feedback on Monday, [...] Full Story >

July 29, 2013 - Meadville Lombard Theological School (ML), the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council (UUPCC), the International Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Hungarian Unitarian Church (HUC) are offering a scholarship to a Meadville Lombard Master of Divinity student to travel to Kolozsvar, Romania for an in-depth encounter with Transylvanian Unitarian seminarians.The Scholarship is available to Meadville Lombard sem [...] Full Story >

June 01, 2013 - Every day Find us at Booth #420 in the exhibit hall! Thursday, June 20, 2013 Alumni/ae Annual Meeting and Breakfast RSVP onlineLouisville Downtown Marriott280 W. Jefferson St.Ballroom 9 & 107:15 AM - 8:30 AM   Workshop: In Praise of Imperfect Commitment: History, Theology, Action Featuring: Sharon Welch, Anthony Pinn, and Aaron McEmrys 10:45 AM 12:00 PM Friday, June 21,2013 Meet the Faculty All are welcome! [...] Full Story >

May 22, 2013 - Meadville Lombard is pleased to announce that Robert LaVallee was named the 2013 Sanders Scholar. This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Ms. Betty Sanders. Robert (Bob) LaVallee, is currently living in Afghanistan with his wife Eleanor, a former Buddhist Monk, and working as a field service manager for Sustainment Solutions. Bob has a diverse background that has helped lead him to seminary. Growing up as a Catholic, [...] Full Story >

May 18, 2013 - Every May, Meadville Lombard has the distinct honor of graduating the religious leaders of the future – our students. Along with bestowing degrees to our student body, we are privileged to award three honorary degrees. These candidates are outstanding and inspiring individuals who embody the innovation and values we hope to have instilled in our new graduates. Our 2013 Honorary Degree recipients are: Doctor of Humane Letters Doctor R [...] Full Story >

May 14, 2013 - Thanks to the Davidoff Fund for Lay Leadership, Meadville Lombard has awarded four exemplary students with $500 to attend 2013 General Assembly in Louisville, KY. The four students are: Rachel Christensen will enter the final year of her program, the Leadership Studies Seminar, this fall.  She is currently interning at the Unitarian Universalist Clearwater Church in Florida and serves alongside Meadville Lombard alum, Rev. Abhi Jana [...] Full Story >

March 15, 2013 - You are invited to join Meadville Lombard in welcoming Rev. Kosho Niwano to the school on Wednesday, April 24.  Rev. Kosho is president-designate of Rissho Kosei-kai, which now has over 2 million member households worldwide. She is the mother of four children and recently published the book, The Buddha in Everyone's Heart; Seeking the World of the Lotus Sutra.  In this inspiring collection of reminiscences, a young religious [...] Full Story >

March 11, 2013 - Eight seminarians studying for parish ministry, four from Meadville Lombard and four from Starr King, will receive a $500 scholarship to attend General Assembly (GA) in Louisville this year. The gift will be funded by the Davidoff Fund for Lay Leadership. “I believe that our future parish ministers must be made aware of the significance of the GA experience in the formation of lay leadership in the UUA’s member congregations,& [...] Full Story >

March 10, 2013 - Kimberly Quinn Johnson, President’s Scholar In her late 20s, Kimberly Quinn Johnson began looking for a church. She systematically created a list of the churches in the area where she felt she could belong. After trying all of the churches on her list and not finding a match, she happed upon an Essence magazine article about Rosemary Bray McNatt, who, at the time, was interning at the Unitarian Church in Montclair, New Jersey. Th [...] Full Story >

March 10, 2013 - Shari Woodbury, Susan and Spencer Lavan Scholar Shari Woodbury believes in creating the world we wish to live in. This has guided her many years working in nonprofits, including leading two community foundations.  She took the step towards professional religious leadership after an off-handed comment to one of her ministers about a ministerial vocation led to an invitation to give it serious consideration. When Shari looked back at rec [...] Full Story >

February 19, 2013 - Meadville Lombard is pleased to invite you to attend a free lecture sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society. This lecture will be hosted by Meadville Lombard and highlights the life and work of Emily Greene Balch, a peace activist, teacher, and Nobel Prize winner.   When: 5:30 PM, Tuesday, March 12, 2013  Where: Meadville Lombard, 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Floor 6, Chicago, Illinois [...] Full Story >

February 18, 2013 - UU Humanist books and artifacts needed to expand current collection   Meadville Lombard Theological School announced today the formation of a dedicated Humanist Archive. Meadville Lombard is calling on Unitarian Universalists and Humanists to donate sermons, monographs, essays, photographs, correspondence, pamphlets, audio, video, and books to the collection. The Humanist Archive will be housed within the Wiggin Library at the school [...] Full Story >

January 22, 2013 - Meadville Lombard is honored to receive this addition to our scholarship offerings for students entering the Master of Divinity degree program in 2013-- a full-tuition scholarship for one full-time student preparing to serve in a congregational setting. We are so grateful to Mrs. Nancy Bechtolt for helping to strengthen Unitarian Universalist ministry while honoring the memory of her late husband through this scholarship.   [...] Full Story >

January 21, 2013 - Every ten years, seminaries and theological schools accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) must undergo an extensive self-study process, which is followed by a site visit from ATS. Meadville Lombard has completed the self-study and is now preparing for the site visit in March 2013. The self-study and the accreditation process is the school's opportunity to assess how we are living up to the institutional and educational s [...] Full Story >

December 10, 2012 - The Catalyst for Change Committee at Meadville Lombard Theological School is pleased to welcome Janice Marie Johnson on Tuesday, January 8, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. to a program where she will reflect on the multicultural present and future of Unitarian Universalism through her experience as the Multicultural Ministries and Leadership Director of the UUA. She will lead us in an exploration of the vibrant work of people in congregations across the c [...] Full Story >

December 03, 2012 - St. Lawrence Foundation generously provided scholarships for two students in the academic year 2012-2013. Read on to learn about the two outstanding students chosen for this scholarship award.  Thank you St. Lawrence Foundation for funding student scholarship aid! Jorge Espinel was born and raised in Villavicencio, Columbia. He came to the U.S. in 2007 and has lived in Chicago for the last five years. In the spiritual teachings of y [...] Full Story >

December 02, 2012 - Congratulations to the 2012-2013 scholarship recipients! Meadville Lombard is proud of the many fine students enrolled in the program.  The school is also grateful for the generous donors that make these scholarships possible. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, criteria of the scholarship, and by financial need.      Name Recipient A. Powell and Muriel Davies Scholarship Gretchen Weis Arnold [...] Full Story >

November 30, 2012 - On November 28th, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored Tea Importers, Inc with the 14th Annual Award for Corporate Excellence. The U.S. Department of State recognizes that it is critically important for the interests of our foreign policy for our American Companies to operate responsibly and well. This prestigious award recognizes two firms which demonstrate the range of American involvement in the global marketplace. Tea Importe [...] Full Story >

November 15, 2012 - Meadville Lombard has been able to host visiting international scholars during summer intensives for the second year in a row due to a generous gift provided by Martha Atherton.  Atherton’s gift was designed to help Meadville Lombard students gain a larger global understanding through their interaction with religious leaders from other nations. This year, we hosted two scholars from Azerbaijan, Anar Gafarov and Pasha Guluzade. Bot [...] Full Story >

November 13, 2012 - The Fellowship, located within the renowned Chautauqua Institution in western New York State, is increasing its connection to the Meadville Lombard Theological School though its newly created “Chautauqua Award.” The Chautauqua Award will be given to a second year, third year, or MRP student who represents outstanding potential for the ministry.  The 2013 recipient will serve as UUFC’s Minister of the Week beginning Aug [...] Full Story >

November 07, 2012 - Thanks to the generosity of Betty and Hardy Sanders, Meadville Lombard Theological School will be offering the Sanders Scholarship for Excellence in Ministry for one full-time MDiv student matriculating in 2013/14. Any student who completes their application by March 15, 2013 will be considered for this scholarship. More information about scholarships and Financial Aid is available here. A note from Jim Magaw, the 2012 Sanders Scholar: "My [...] Full Story >

October 08, 2012 - Are you yearning for greater depth in your spiritual life? Are you looking for resources of heart and mind in these trying times? Are you yearning for “more”? Seminary for a Day may be the best way you can spend October 27th. President Rev. Dr. Lee Barker, Provost Sharon Welch, Angus McLean Professor Dr. Mark Hicks, and Meadville Lombard Student Lyssa Jenkens will participate in Seminary For A Day: Going Deeper at First Unitaria [...] Full Story >

September 20, 2012 - On October 5th & 6th, Provost Sharon Welch and Meadville Lombard Student Lyssa Jenkens will participate in Seminary For A Day: The Role of Money, Symposium for Economic Justice at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Sharon and Lyssa will be joined by Joerg Rieger of Perkins School of Theology to discuss how people of faith respond to economic uncertainty. The Symposium begins on Friday, October 5th with a dinner from 6:30 – 9:30 and [...] Full Story >

August 13, 2012 - Get the complete Fall Learning Convocation Schedule online now!


August 01, 2012 - Every ten years, seminaries and theological schools accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) must undergo an extensive self-study process, which is followed by a site visit from ATS. Meadville Lombard's next self-study is due in November 2012, with the site visit to follow in March 2013. The self-study and the accreditation process is the school's opportunity to assess how we are living up to the institutional and education [...] Full Story >

July 26, 2012 - Check out the recently added photos of Meadville Lombard's 167th Commencement. Photos, like the one seen here of Denny Davidoff and Honorary Degree recipient Leonora Montgomery, can be found on our Facebook page.


July 23, 2012 - Did you miss this Meadville Lombard's 167th Commencement? Experience all the inspiring words, including the commencement sermon from UUA President the Rev. Peter Morales, with our full Commencement video


July 10, 2012 - The Large Grants Program of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY awarded Meadville Lombard $100,000. This money will be used to: Provide increased financial aid to students. Meadville Lombard is concerned with the high levels of student debt for both current and prospective students. Additional financial aid will help to increase financial aid awards. Enhance student recruitment through an integrated r [...] Full Story >

June 18, 2012 - Did you attend one of the Meadville Lombard workshops at GA? Interested in learning about more resources? Each presenter has listed their presentation bibliography and is available to you.    Getting Unstuck: New Directions for Congregational Life: Theology Presented by William Schulz, Sharon Welch, Deborah Cole, Nathan Alan Hollister Getting Unstuck: New Directions in Spiritual Resources Lee Barker, Qiyamah R [...] Full Story >

June 12, 2012 - Tsubaki Grand Shrine provides a travel grant for one Meadville Lombard seminary student to travel to Japan for two weeks where they take up residence in the Shinto shrine. The grant promotes cultural learning and the opportunity to explore Shinto and Japanese culture. Tisha Moore shares thoughts on her experience: I will be here at Tsubaki Okami Yashiro (Tsubaki Grand Shrine) from June 5-19th. It is an amazing shrine complex [...] Full Story >

June 06, 2012 - Workshops      Religious institutions play a key role in creating social change. Begin by laying the theological and practical foundation with the first workshop. Then move into the key pieces of social justice work through finding the strength to learn from mistakes and start again, models of leadership for social justice, and real life examples of congregations and how to apply to your own community. Getting Unstuck: New D [...] Full Story >

June 01, 2012 - On May 20, Meadville Lombard Theological School celebrated the graduation of 26 students. Three people were recognized whose work exemplifies the values of Unitarian Universalism. Please click below to read the citations for the 2012 Honarary Degree Recipients.    Peggy McIntosh Leonora Montgomery Peter Morales         [...] Full Story >

May 25, 2012 - Commencement was held on Sunday, May 20th at the First Unitarian Church in Hyde Park. The Commencement Sermon was delivered by honorary degree recipient, and UUA President, the Rev. Peter Morales. He inspired and affirmed the direction of Meadville Lombard's formation program in his remarks as he highlighted the challenges and opportunities of ministry. We are proud to announce the following graduates who earned degrees [...] Full Story >

May 02, 2012 - Creating a multiracial and multicultural program for Meadville Lombard is a goal of the school's "Catalyst for Change" program. The imminent arrival of The Rev. Darrick Jackson as Director of Contextual Ministry at the school is a significant development. Rev. Jackson has played key roles in recruiting students of color at Andover Newton Theological School and the Boston University School of Theology. [...] Full Story >

May 02, 2012 - The Religious Institute, a multi-faith organization dedicated to sexual health, education, and justice, has doubled the number of U.S. seminaries, divinity, and rabbinical schools that it now certifies as meeting a majority of the criteria for a sexually healthy and responsible seminary. There are now 20 certified seminaries in the United States, with Meadville Lombard among them, compared to just ten in 2009. Download the list here. [...] Full Story >

May 02, 2012 - The Rev. Dr. Nicole C. Kirk is the incoming Rev. Dr. J. Frank and Alice Southworth Schulman Professor of Unitarian Universalist History at Meadville Lombard. Dr. Kirk will begin teaching the history of Unitarian Universalism to students this fall. She is a candidate this spring to receive the doctor of philosophy degree in American church history from Princeton Theological Seminary and received a doctor of ministry degree from Princeton The [...] Full Story >

May 02, 2012 - Because the 2012 NATO Summit will be held in downtown Chicago, Meadville Lombard is forced in its first year of residency downtown to return to the Hyde Park neighborhood for the spring Commencement ceremonies. The 2012 Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 20, at 3 p.m. at First Unitarian Church, 5650 South Woodlawn Avenue, where we have held Commencement for decades. The Rev. Peter Morales, President of the UUA, will deliver the commenc [...] Full Story >