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Getting Unstuck: Meadville Lombard at General Assembly


     Religious institutions play a key role in creating social change. Begin by laying the theological and practical foundation with the first workshop. Then move into the key pieces of social justice work through finding the strength to learn from mistakes and start again, models of leadership for social justice, and real life examples of congregations and how to apply to your own community.

Getting Unstuck: New Directions for Congregational Life: Theology

     Presenters: William Schulz, Sharon Welch, Deborah Cole, Nathan Alan Hollister

     Date and Location: Thursday, June 21, 10:30 to 11:45 a.m., Room PCC- 120D

     Description: Congregations play a crucial role in shaping a just world. William Schulz will explore the theologies that inspire us to take up the soul expanding work of social justice and sustain us through the challenges. Provost Sharon Welch and Meadville Lombard students  Deborah Cole and Nathan Hollister  will respond.

Getting Unstuck: New Directions in Spiritual Resources 

     Presenters: Lee Barker, Qiyamah Rahman, Kevin Tarsa, Jorge Espinel

     Date and Location: Thursday, June 21, 3:15 to 4:30 p.m., Room PCC- 226

     Description: Multicultural congregations require the reshaping of viewpoints, values and life experiences.  Loss and remorse are necessary companions.  Innovative spiritual resources can break patters of shame, scapegoating and guilt.  Lee Barker, Qiyamah Rahman and Meadville Lombard students will lead us in practices that re-center humility, forgiveness, accountability, and reconciliation.

Getting Unstuck: New Directions in Catalytic Leadership

     Presenters: Sharon Welch, Lee Barker, Judy Zimmerman

     Date and Location: Friday, June 22, 10:45 to Noon, Room PCC- 226

     Description: Inflexible and linear models of leadership are ineffective for a world wherein multiple voices and multiple realities hope to co-exist.  Sharon Welch, Lee Barker and Judy Zimmerman will explore new understandings of the types of ministerial and lay leadership required to structure congregational life and facilitate culturally competent lay leadership. 

Getting Unstuck: New Directions in Cross-Cultural Partnerships

     Presenters: Mark Hicks, Lee Barker, Shawna Foster

     Date and Location: Friday, June 22, 3:15-4:30, Room: PCC 226

     Description: Mark Hicks, Lee Barker and Shawna Foster will lead in a celebration and exploration of congregations that are creating authentic, transformative cross-cultural ministries. We will explore both the joys and challenges that accompany living at the frontline of our multi-racial, multicultural world.


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     We welcome you! Find us at booth #225 in the Exhibit Hall. Faculty, staff, and students will be staffing the booth and ready to answer questions and engage in dialogue. Workshop presenters will also be available at the booth to continue the conversation after each workshop.


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