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January Learning Convocation

Chalice at Fall Convocation On January 3-4, we will be holding our annual January Learning Convocation. This year, faculty, students, prospective students, and friends will explore the theme of border crossing through our program Power at the Borders: Stories of Change, Vulnerability, and Solidarity.
This convocation centers around stories from four voices with an aim to embrace reaching across boundaries of identity, race, culture and faith traditions in the face of foreseeable gains and difficulties as well as unexpected opportunities and challenges.
 In January you will hear from:
• The Rev. Dr. Bill Schulz will provide a theological grounding for the role of religious institutions in a democratic society and the multiple layers of social justice work.
• Dr. Mike Hogue will present his new work on a political theology of vulnerability.
• The Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed will give a presentation on the theological underpinnings of the positive Unitarian response to Selma.
• Dr. Stephanie Mitchem will explore the religious challenges of the vital and often difficult work of staying at the borders.
Review the agenda for the Convocation here: 
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