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Betty and Hardy Sanders Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Betty and Hardy Sanders, Meadville Lombard Theological School will be offering the Sanders Scholarship for Excellence in Ministry for one full-time MDiv student matriculating in 2013/14. Any student who completes their application by March 15, 2013 will be considered for this scholarship. More information about scholarships and Financial Aid is available here.

A note from Jim Magaw, the 2012 Sanders Scholar:

"My call to ministry was clear, and the path that I have followed has been a good one for me. But I probably would not be standing before you today had it not been for the full-tuition scholarship that I received from Meadville Lombard, which was the result of a generous gift from Mrs. Betty Sanders and her late husband.

I will always be grateful to the Sanders family for their help, which will allow me to graduate with a relatively small amount of debt, which, for someone of my age and rather limited financial resources, is especially important."