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Friends of Meadville Lombard Recognized with National Corporate Excellence Award

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton awarding the Wertheim family the Corporate Excellence Award.

On November 28th, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored Tea Importers, Inc with the 14th Annual Award for Corporate Excellence. The U.S. Department of State recognizes that it is critically important for the interests of our foreign policy for our American Companies to operate responsibly and well. This prestigious award recognizes two firms which demonstrate the range of American involvement in the global marketplace.

Tea Importers was honored by the award in the small and medium size category.  A family owned business, Tea Importers was founded in 1953 by Marion and Joseph Wertheim. Since its conception, Tea Importers has been dedicated to being an environmental leader and pioneer for workers-rights. Their inspiring service to the country of Rwanda, where their tea factory, Sorwathe, is located, exemplifies our Unitarian Universalist ideals.

In addition to the family business, Marion and Joseph Wertheim share with their children a passion for Unitarian Universalism. Marion and Joseph support student internships at Meadville Lombard, helping to make possible the two-year internship program that is integral to ministerial formation. Susan Stenovec, their daughter, sits on the Meadville Lombard Board of Trustees and serves on the development and communications committee.

Ms. Stenovec says, "My parents did things because it was the right thing to do.  Over the years in Rwanda, there have been numerous opportunities to put this philosophy into action.  The Award for Corporate Excellence is a tremendous and unexpected honor for them, our family and our staff here and in Rwanda."

Meadville Lombard congratulates the Wertheim family on this amazing honor and says thank you on behalf of our faith and our school. Read the whole article, including Hillary Clinton's address, here.