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2012-2013 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the 2012-2013 scholarship recipients! Meadville Lombard is proud of the many fine students enrolled in the program.  The school is also grateful for the generous donors that make these scholarships possible. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, criteria of the scholarship, and by financial need. 
Name Recipient
A. Powell and Muriel Davies Scholarship Gretchen Weis
Arnold and Julia Bradburd Scholarship Jason Cook
Betty and Hardy Sanders Scholarship Jim Magaw
Carl Gerrard Seaburg and Nancy Seaburg Light Scholarship Sara LaWall
Chapin-May Scholarship Jim Foti
Colchester Scholarship Amy Shaw
Dan Huntington and Anna Yens Fenn Scholarship Sarah Richards
Daniel G. Higgins Jr. Scholarship Nell Newton
First UU SanDiego Scholarship  Alice King
Jenkin Lloyd Jones Scholarship Chris Jimmerson
John Murray Atwood Scholarship Deb Cole
Lee Barker Scholarship Peter Farriday
Southeast District Ministry Legacy Scholarship Wynn Perkins
Richard and Joyce Gilbert Scholarship Theresa Soto
Roy Brown Wintersteen Scholarship Sarah Prickett
Spencer and Susan Lavan Scholarship Shari Woodbury
St. Lawrence Jorge Espinel, Sarah Richards
Susan Barber Lloyd Jones Scholarship Michelle Pedersen
Toshio Miyake Scholarship Tisha Moore
Wertheim Award for Interns Shawna Foster, Gretchen Weis, Lynnda White, Rachel Christensen, Sara LaWall, Peter Farriday