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Travel Scholarship for Seminarians to Assist an English Teacher in Transylvania

Meadville Lombard Theological School (ML), the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council (UUPCC), the International Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Hungarian Unitarian Church (HUC) are offering a scholarship to a Meadville Lombard Master of Divinity student to travel to Kolozsvar, Romania for an in-depth encounter with Transylvanian Unitarian seminarians.
The Scholarship is available to Meadville Lombard seminarians whose formation would be enhanced through this experience of international engagement and service. Scholarship recipients will be provided with nearly all expenses for travel to Kolozsvar, Romania plus room and board for the duration of his or her time there. The scholarship recipient will be expected to contribute $250 toward travel expenses and will be expected to pay for all incidentals.

This opportunity is reserved exclusively for Meadville Lombard students. ML will work with the successful applicant to provide an individually tailored experience that is based on the student’s specific schedule and educational needs.

Under the direction of Meadville Lombard’s English teacher at the Protestant Institute in Kolozsvar, the Transylvanian Scholars’ primary duty will be to introduce theological and colloquial language to the Unitarian seminarians in various conversational and classroom settings. This may include holding discussion groups around issues of ministry and/or religion, conducting discussions about sermons, assisting the English Teacher with her classroom curriculum, etc. Again, these duties will be directed by the English Teacher.

Additionally, in coordination with the Unitarian seminary faculty at the Institute and The Hungarian Unitarian Church, the Transylvanian Scholar will be asked to deliver occasional “lectures” to students, ministers and faculty on various elements of North American Unitarian Universalism. Topics to be addressed might include ministry, theological education, international Unitarianism or other topics of interest to the students.

Finally, the Transylvanian Scholar may be asked to assist faculty with English texts. He/she may be asked to proofread publications, web pages, etc.

During the stay, the Transylvanian Scholar will have opportunities to travel throughout the region of Transylvania becoming acquainted with Unitarian culture, history and practice there.

The visit, which could span two to four weeks depending on the recipient’s schedule, may occur between October 2013 and June 2014 (to be coordinated with the HUC), may be considered a Rotation (an on-site experience linked to a traditional academic course) with the approval of the student’s faculty advisor. As outlined in the ML Academic Handbook, the Transylvanian Scholar will receive one full credit for the rotation. Ordinary tuition rates will apply for the rotation.
The Transylvanian Scholar will:
- Agree to act in a manner consistent with his/her position of serving as a representative of Meadville Lombard while visiting the Protestant Institute
- Take an academic course for credit in conjunction with his/or her visit, if he/she wishes.
- Have the full approval of his/her faculty advisor before applying for the Scholarship
- Pay $250 toward the cost of the trip and be responsible for all personal incidentals.
- Write a report about their experience, to be forwarded to the Director of Contextual Ministry at Meadville Lombard and the other sponsoring agencies within one month of their return from the trip.

A full description of the Transylvanian Scholarship is available here. It includes complete information, application procedures, and deadlines. Feel free to contact Lee Barker or Darrick Jackson for additional details.