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Multicultural Ministry: Art and History @ Meadville Lombard

Meadville Lombard has built our Master of Divinity degree curriculum knowing that today’s religious leaders require a foundation in the artistry of cross-cultural leadership in order to embrace and expand the diversity that is already in their congregations and communities. This Fall we are offering two courses generated out of that requirement: Multicultural Pastoral Counseling and African Americans and the Unitarians, Universalists, and the Unitarian Universalists. Registration is currently open for both courses and we have a rare opportunity for students at other seminaries and working ministers to enroll. Read more about each class, registration instructions and deadlines, below:

M450INT Multicultural Pastoral Counseling | Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings

This course is developed to empower you to engage in multicultural pastoral care. You will be introduced to an intentional approach to Multicultural Pastoral Care/Counseling that employs a new integrated multidisciplinary assessment model to support racial and ethnic diversity in Unitarian Universalist congregations and community ministry settings. This model calls attention to the significance of culture on the identity formation of individuals who are labeled by the dominant culture as minorities.  Additionally, the course will provide evidence that will encourage Unitarian Universalist ministers and religious educators (when providing pastoral care)to consider the history, family, culture and religious/theological issues that inform, nurture and sustain Unitarian Universalists who identify themselves as persons of color or members of traditionally marginalized ethnic groups in the United States.   (View the course syllabus here.)

"The issues raised and the dialogue sparked in Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings' class continue to influence my thinking and impact my ministry. Meadville Lombard’s mantra that 'all interactions are multicultural' is true;  learning how to base our pastoral care around that understanding is fundamental to the practice of competent, compassionate ministry in this ever-more-diverse world we are called to serve."
Ashley Horan, M.Div., Consulting Minister, Universalist Unitarian Church of Joliet, IL  

M446INT African Americans and the Universalists, Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists |
Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed:

This research/history course will familiarize you with both the African-American experience within the liberal religious community and the community’s attitudes toward African Americans. Who were these African-American women and men and when and how did they become part of this religious movement? What were the attitudes they met among Anglo-Americans and what was the institutional response to them? Using both primary and secondary resources we will come at these topics from two perspectives: the national and the local. (View the course syllabus here.)

"Mark Morrison-Reed is without question the leading scholar on this essential and challenging part of our religious history.  His scholarship is only matched by his courageous probing of what our African American history means for the present,  and by his pastoral passion for all those that have suffered and are suffering in the struggle to build a truly multicultural faith. This is at the very top of my list of must-take classes for any UU minister-in-the-making."  
Rev. Brock H. Leach, Vice President--Mission, Strategy & Innovation,
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

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