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January Learning Convocation 2014: Beauty, Power, Authority

Dr. Michael Hogue Power is fundamentally a relational dynamic: wherever two or more are gathered, the issue of power is present.  Though Unitarian Universalism rejects some of the traditional religious forms of authority (such as church hierarchy, creeds, and canonical scriptures) power dynamics are inevitable in any human institution.  Power structures exist within congregations, in the balance between ministerial and congregational authority, between ministers themselves, among different congregations, and between congregations and the UUA.

This convocation will examine power as a multifaceted phenomenon.  We will:
  • Learn about diverse models of power and the forms of community they shape.
  • Explore the cultural and symbolic underpinnings of different ideals of power.
  • Work together to name and bring to life a model of power consistent with our liberal religious values.

Join us January 10, 2014. Our faculty will guide you through a session on aesthetic integration of beauty and a small group conversations on an exploration of authority in congregational life.  The Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed will present models of ministerial collegiality and then facilitate small groups. 

We will all also enjoy keynotes from the following perspectives:
  • The Rev. Dr. Claire Butterfield | Community Ministry
  • The Rev. Leslie Takahashi-Morris | Parish Ministry
  • Dr. Michael Hogue | Theologian

Click here for a detailed schedule.  If you are interested in joining us for the Prospective Student Seminar in conjunction with this event, contact Justine D Urbikas.  All other inquiries contact Tina Porter for more information.