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The Fahs Collaborative Re-Launch

The Fahs Collaborative team brought the culmination of a year’s work to the 2013 Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) fall conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Fahs team partnered with Rev. Tandi Rogers of the UUA Growth Office, Rev. Meg Riley from the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and Musician in Residence, Mark David Buckles, to present an array of programs and worship. The goal of programming was to open participants to the wisdom within and around them and to the creative energy that is unleashed when space is made for collaboration to happen.

The conference highlighted the work of the three Fahs Fellows. Each Fellow shared their year-long explorations of: technology as a tool for faith development; authentic cross-cultural engagement in our congregations; and “full-week faith.” Recordings of their presentations and links the tools they presented will be available soon on The Fahs Collaborative website.

“Feedback from the conference has us glowing,” says Dr. Mark Hicks. “Many participants have expressed a new perspective of shared dreams for religious education, our congregations, professional growth, and our Unitarian Universalist faith.”

In addition to an engaging and interactive conference, energy and fun followed the LREDA events for a re-launch party. Co-hosted by Meadville Lombard Development Office,  President Lee Barker spoke of the commitment Meadville Lombard brings to Unitarian Universalist religious education, and called on all in attendance to, “Say Yes!” when asked to support growing The Fahs Collaborative in the future.

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