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Hogue to give James Luther Adams Lecture

The James Luther Adams Foundation has selected Dr. Michael Hogue, Associate Professor of Theology, to give the lecture at the eighteenth annual Forum on Religion & Society to be held on Tuesday evening, March 18, in the Atherton Lounge of Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago.  Dr. Hogue’s topic is “Towards a Deeper Democracy: James Luther Adams and the Aesthetics of Solidarity.”

The Foundation is devoted to the promulgation of the work and ideas of James Luther Adams (1901-1994), who was one of the leading Unitarian Universalist theologians and ethicists. Adams also played a pivotal role in the shaping of the discipline of social ethics in the United States.

In tribute to Adams at the Society of Christian Ethics, Foundation President Stephen Mott said:

"Adams' theology was closely related to his actions. It shaped and he was shaped by his vital role in a labor strike as a young pastor and by his participation in the resisting underground church in Nazi Germany. He founded and was a major participant in scores of voluntary associations, including the presidency of [the Society of Christian Ethics]. During his Chicago years on the Federated Theological Faculty of the University of Chicago in the early forties and fifties, he was heavily involved in Chicago politics and in resisting racism. At Harvard from the mid-fifties through the sixties, he continued to implement his conception that the theological school must be in the midst of the university and that Christian ethics should be taught and worked out in the context of other spheres of life, especially law, business, and the arts."

In his lecture, Hogue will examine the importance of the societies we choose to engage in (as opposed to those we are born into or otherwise are assigned to) and the role of those societies in creating social change.

“In these freely-chosen associations, you don’t see top-down or bottom-up change, you see what I call ‘middle-out’ change,” says Hogue. 

The lecture is open to the public and a brief reception will follow.  Please RSVP to Kimberley Cooke at 773-256-3000, ext.674.