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Kay Montgomery Joins Board of Trustees

Veteran Unitarian Universalist Association official, Kathleen (Kay) Montgomery, joined the Board of Trustees of Meadville Lombard Theological School. Ms. Montgomery served the UUA as Executive Vice President from 1985-2013, working with Presidents William F. Schulz, John A Buehrens, William G.  Sinkford, and Peter Morales. She also worked alongside Moderators Natalie Gulbrandson, Denise Davidoff, Diane Olson, and Gini Courter.

 “It was my great pleasure to work with Kay for 17 years at the UUA,” commented Board of Trustees Chair, Rev. Bill Sinkford. “I am thrilled to have yet another opportunity. Kay brings unparalleled experience, unquestioned commitment, and a wisdom that will bless Meadville Lombard in the coming years. She has a depth and breadth of caring about our ministers and their work because she has witnessed and experienced the kind of transformation our ministry can offer.”

Prior to her work with the Unitarian Universalist Association, Ms. Montgomery was active in at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta and in denominational activities: elected district president, inter-district president, and director of the Southeast UU Summer Institute. She was appointed to a variety of denominational committees, including the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.

“We welcome Kay Montgomery’s extensive knowledge of everything Unitarian Universalist and her wide acquaintance with UU leaders, clergy and lay, across America and internationally,” noted Meadville Lombard President, Rev. Dr. Lee C. Barker. “Kay is a denominational treasure and we feel honored to have her wisdom in service to our school’s bright future.”

Ms. Montgomery stated, “When I left work at the UUA after thirty years, I was quite clear that it was time for me to move away from leadership in the Association. The invitation to join the Meadville Lombard board became an instant exception. I am thrilled to join the board and to throw my energies into an institution that is both mature and innovative, one that trains ministers in the very ways that have so enriched the world and my own life.”