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Multicultural Congregations and Faith Formation

Course Description

Much of the discussion in liberal religion on matters of “race” and cultural difference tends to focus on critique and analysis.  Rarely do we focus on educational and spiritual practices that attend to healing the wounds of cultural and spiritual oppression.  This class will explicitly explore how the process and practice of faith formation promotes the ongoing development of multi-racial, multicultural and theologically diverse congregations. 

Multicultural Congregations as Faith Formation will use the lens of race/ethnicity to explore: 

a). the history and impact of race/ethnicity and national language on congregational life 

b). innovative practices that attune themselves to individual and group identity development

c). the intersection of “race” and religious education, pastoral care, religious traditions and music

d). Specific practices employed by professional staff and lay leadership in building a faith-filled Beloved Community  

Two Unitarian Universalist congregations in Tulsa, Oklahoma – All Souls, Unitarian and The Church of the Restoration will make their congregations available as a text for our learning.  Each congregation will share how its unique setting tears down the walls that divide the human family while creating a community of beloveds.  Students will meet and interact with members of the professional staff and lay leaders who will share the dynamics of their journey.  

Students should expect to engage with readings, digital and social media prior to arriving on site in Tulsa.  Graduate level academic credit is available for this class.  The class is limited to 21 persons.  Registration for enrollment closes on September 19, 2014  

About Dr. Mark A. Hicks

Dr. Mark A. Hicks is known for developing creative and probing learning encounters aimed at transforming the assumptions and practices of people engaged in the intersection of religious life and social change.  His most recent curriculum project, Beloved Conversations:  Meditations on Race and Ethnicity, is being touted by longtime religious professionals as “one of the most provocative and creative experiences I've ever had.”

Site:  All Souls Church, Unitarian & Church of The Restoration, Tulsa 

Dates:  Sunday, Nov. 8 to Friday, Nov. 15, 2014  

(Students should arrive on Saturday night)


Hotel:  Holiday Inn
17 W. 7th Street
Tulsa, OK  74119
(918) 585-5898



Rate:   $89 per room per night (single or double)

Tell them you are with Meadville Lombard Theological School  

Room rates good until Thursday, October 9, 2014

Room rate includes breakfast for one and free Wi-Fi

Reservations: (direct) 918-585-5989 or 1-800-Holiday


Local Transportation from hotel to church: provided by Mark Hicks 


Local transportation from airport to hotel:  students make their own arrangements