Our new MA program with a concentration in Lay Community Ministry is designed for lay leaders who know that making justice and bringing about social transformation will be undertaken most authentically if their service is anchored in a growing personal spiritual life seeded in a greater knowledge of the theological disciplines.

For whom is the MA with a concentration in Lay Community Ministry designed? 
  • It is for the volunteer who might wish to serve a denominational legislative ministry, but who knows that in order to build necessary partnerships, a deeper foundation in religion is required. 
  • It is for the person who wishes to be more effective in multi faith engagement and understands that a seminary degree would provide both the skills and the credibility to engage with the "other." 
  • It is for the young professional who works for an NGO and who sees that the next step in professional development entails reaching out to faith-based community partners. 
In short, Meadville Lombard's new MA is the right choice for people of traditional faith, people of non-traditional faith and people of questioning faith---anyone who wants to explore religion, their own and others', and use the exploration to make the world a better place.

Lee Barker

Rev. Dr. Lee Barker
President and Professor of Ministry