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For liberal religious leadership in our contemporary mutifaith, multiracial, and multicultural world

Activate the justice-making and peace-building power of liberal faith

The Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MALS) degree program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they will need to activate the justice-making and peace-building power of liberal faith. Through the MALS program, students will:

  • Develop leadership skills for a multifaith, multiracial and multicultural world;
  • Gain competency in history, theology, religious education, and theories of social change;
  • Enhance their spiritual and intellectual lives through course work, practical experience, and completion of an integrative project.

Who is MALS for?

The MALS is an ideal degree program for:

  • social activists who seek to ground their work in the transforming power of liberal faith;
  • lay people who seek to deepen the theological roots of their leadership;
  • students who are still discerning the call to ordained ministry;
  • and MDiv graduates who would like additional internship experience.

How does the MALS work?

Grounded in a theology of social engagement, the MALS is attuned to the diverse challenges and opportunities of leadership in a multifaith, multiracial, and multicultural world. MALS students learn how to lead, and how to continue to learn, by working within and across diverse communities. The MALS educational model combines cohort learning, intensive seminars, and practical experiences in a low-residency format. MALS students can complete their degree while remaining based in their home communities, wherever they are, whether in the United States or abroad.

MALS students can tailor their learning to their needs and purposes by choosing from one of two Concentrations.

  • The MALS with a Concentration in Lay Ministry is especially appropriate for those who are called to initiatives in faith formation, justice work, music and/or the arts, and religious leadership in congregational and other communal settings.
  • The MALS with a Concentration in Social Engagement provides advanced work for community activists and faith-based community leaders and social entrepreneurs who wish to deepen the theological, moral, and spiritual grounding of their work.