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The MALS degree programs are designed to prepare students to lead across the diverse challenges in our contemporary multifaith, multiracial, and multicultural world. Each program is organized around a series of courses and unique real world engagements through which students will learn to integrate spiritual and emotional self-awareness, professional proficiencies, and global consciousness necessary to more mindful, compassionate leadership in diverse organizational contexts.

Concentration in Lay Ministry

The MALS with a Concentration in Lay Ministry prepares students to minister to the social and spiritual needs of diverse people and organizations. It prepares students to lead across the many changes that are shaping our diverse world and is especially appropriate for those who are called to initiatives in faith formation, justice work, music and/or the arts, and religious leadership in international and/or non-traditional settings.

Concentration in Social Engagement

The MALS with a Concentration in Social Engagement provides advanced work for community activists and faith-based community leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to deepen the ethical/spiritual framework they bring to their justice work.