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The MA in Religion requires a total of 48 credits.

12 credits are granted for a thesis written in consultation with a Faculty Advisor. 3 of these credits are for a Research Methods course, which is required unless the student has previously completed significant graduate-level research work.

Of the remaining 36 credits, 18 must be taken at Meadville Lombard. At least 4 courses must be taken from the area of concentration. The Area of Concentration can be chosen from the following areas: 

  • Ethics   
  • Theology    
  • Religious Education    
  • History

The remaining courses for the degree must be taken in four of the following eight disciplines: Ethics, Theology, Faith Formation (Religious Education), Religion and the Arts, the Historical Context of Ministry, Ministry and the Church, and the Cultural Contexts of Ministry.

There is no internship option for the MARS.

Transfer Credits

All transfer credits must be pre-approved by the student’s academic advisor. Transferred credits will not appear on the Meadville Lombard transcript with a letter grade (only the credit is transferring) and the letter P, for Pass, will accompany all transferred credits.