Scholarships for 2014/15
Merit Scholarships for Excellence in UU Ministry

Meadville Lombard is uniquely positioned to provide students with grounding in Unitarian Universalist ministries past, present and future as well as to help provide funding for students seeking to answer their call to minister to the world through the UU tradition of liberal religious thought. Through special donors and friends, we are able to offer full-tuition and partial-tuition scholarships to students seeking to continue the tradition of excellence in UU ministry. Please be sure to review these special offerings for 2014/15, below, and find more information about other need- and merit-based scholarships here (or contact the Senior Director of Student Services).

Arnold and Julia Bradburd Full-Tuition Scholarship
Meadville Lombard is grateful to Arnold and Julia Bradburd for their generous support of the future of Unitarian Universalist ministry through this endowed scholarship. The Bradburd Scholarship covers all tuition for a full-time student for the three-year Master of Divinity degree program.
Nancy and Richard Bechtolt Full-Tuition Scholarship
We are so grateful to Mrs. Nancy Bechtolt for helping to strengthen Unitarian Universalist ministry while honoring the memory of her late husband through this scholarship. This merit scholarship will cover tuition for the three years of the Master of Divinity degree program and will be awarded based on the strength of the application essay, the minister's letter of recommendation, and all additional application materials.
Marion and Joe Wertheim Community Scholars
Marion and Joe Wertheim Meadville Lombard is thrilled to announce a new scholarship opportunity for students entering the Master of Divinity degree program in Fall 2014--the Marion Wertheim Community Scholars grant program will pay the tuition for the Community Studies Seminar for three incoming students. This is a 3-credit course--which, for the typical full-time student, equals 1/3 of the tuition for the first year. We are so grateful to Mrs. Wertheim for making this scholarship possible.
Application Deadlines
Apply today! All applicants who have completed their Admissions Application by March 1, 2014 (5:00 PM CST) will be considered for these and all other scholarships.