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Meadville Lombard's students vary in age, experience, and cultural backgrounds. More than 100 students hail from 35 of the states, Canada, Norway, and India. Some reside in the Chicago area, but the vast majority live elsewhere, as we don’t offer a traditional residential program.  Our students join us for intensive courses in January, March and July (and other times as arranged), but do the majority of their learning in community and congregational settings near their homes and with the support of their known networks. When not at Meadville Lombard, our students stay in touch and build community throughout the year through a number of ways including monthly course phone conversations, virtual orientations, faculty jaminars, and weekly triad meetings.

As a theological school, worship is an important element of our community life. When we gather together for January learning intensives and convocations, time is set aside for community worship. We also provide opportunities for students to lead centering worship throughout our intensive courses. Staff and faculty members who are ministers assist in both formal and informal worship services.

Student Leadership
A group of Meadville Lombard students are elected yearly by their colleagues to represent the interests of enrolled students in the Student Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC meets in person during January intensives and by telephone conference as needed during the rest of the year.

SAC responsibilities include: sharing meeting minutes with the student body, maintaining on-line discussion groups for both the SAC and the entire Meadville Lombard student community, participating in monthly Meadville Lombard Council meetings, ensuring that students are represented in Meadville Lombard committees and task forces, making buddy assignments for incoming students, managing the finances of the student community (including student activity fees), selecting Good Offices persons, and distributing the Meadville Lombard Guidelines of Right Relations for all classes.

John Young Fellow

John Young, DMin'71, generously funded a Fellowship at Meadville Lombard. The John Young Fellow now serves as the Chaplain during the January Intensives. The Chaplain offers various workshops on vocational issues, provides pastoral support to students, and leads a worship. Through these activities, the Chaplain supports the students' development of pastoral and spiritual resources that will guide them during their ministries. To learn more about the John Young Fellow, click here.