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Meadville Lombard welcomes non-matriculated students to take classes. Open enrollment starts after our matriculated students have an opportunity to register. We encourage:
  • Prospective Students to attend classes during their discernment
  • Current students at non-Unitarian Universalist seminaries to join our learning community during the intensive courses where they have an opportunity to learn from leaders in the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition, as well as to make connections with a core group of students who will be their fellows and peers throughout their ministerial career
  • Alumni/ae to take courses for credit, or audit them at a greatly reduced fee (see below)
  • Teaching Pastors to take one course per year tuition-free (see below)
 Review the categories, below, to find out how you may register for courses. 
Prospective Students

We think the best way for you to get to know our learning community is to become a part of it. For this reason, we allow prospective students to take one class for credit at the audit price (half the normal tuition). Join us in January, March or July and take either a weekend or week-long intensive. Contact the Student Services office, for more information and recommendations on which classes would be the best for you.

If you decide to take a class with us, start by completing the Student At Large Application page. The application fee for the Student At Large status will be applied to the application for admission to a degree program should you decide to apply to our programs after taking the class. For more information, please contact the Student Services office.

Non Degree Seeking Students (Students At-Large)
Students enrolled in a Master of Divinity degree program at another seminary may enroll in classes at Meadville Lombard once priority registration for current students is over. Before you can register, however, you will need to complete the Student At Large Application. Once you have completed that, the Director of Student Records will contact you with a student ID and instructions for how to register.

Graduates of Meadville Lombard are always an asset to our learning environment—providing insight from current ministry experiences. Per our Alumni/ae Audit Policy graduates have two options to take a course:

  1. Alumni/ae may audit up to one (1) credit per term for a fee of $500.00 and the course will be recorded on their academic transcript. The fee will be prorated for courses that are less than a full credit, i.e., $250 for a half-credit course.  Registration and technology fees apply.
  2. Alumni/ae can attend up to one (1) credit per term tuition-free. If taken for free, the course will not be recorded on their academic transcript. Registration and technology fees apply.

Courses taken under this policy do not qualify for credit toward a degree program.

Attendance/registration for courses is dependent on seat availability and is subject to professor approval and enrollment standards.  Registration and technology fees do apply (see the policy). For more information about registration, please contact the Director of Student Records.

Teaching Pastors
Current Teaching Pastors are entitled to audit one class each year at Meadville Lombard. As we encourage Teaching Pastors to attend the January Learning Convocation each year their student minister is in a Signature Course, we also encourage them to stay and take a course either the weekend or week after the January Learning Convocation. For more information on this, please contact the Director of Contextual Ministry.