Our Shared Universalist Heritage

The Meadville Lombard Theological School has one of the most important archives for Unitarian Universalism in North America. Since its creation in 1844, the Meadville Lombard Archives have served a vital role in Unitarian Universalism by safekeeping materials of historical and cultural significance to liberal religion. Especially important to Meadville Lombard is preserving the rich and diverse history of Universalism within both Meadville Lombard’s own history and the larger history of Unitarian Universalism.

Housed within our archive are thousands of documents relating to Universalism, including congregational and organizational records, the personal papers of major Universalist leaders, and a wide variety of printed material. Thanks to generous grants from the New York State Convention of Universalists, the Pennsylvania Universalist Convention, and Arnold and Julie Bradburd, we have begun to digitize these rich resources and make them accessible to the Unitarian Universalist community.

Currently, over 90,000 pages of documents have been digitized. In the near future, all of these documents will be made available online. Contained below is a selection of these materials. Questions about our digital and physical Universalist materials should be directed to the archivist, John Leeker.
Selected Pamphlets