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Mark Morrison-Reed

Affiliated Faculty
DMin '79, DD '07 Meadville Lombard Theological School

“Through the Sankofa Collecttion, teaching my class and working with Claudia Espinel, I have been able to follow my passions: African American UU history and UUism as an international movement.”

For 26 years, he and his wife, Donna, served as co-ministers--first in Rochester, New York, then in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Morrison-Reed's graduate thesis, Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, was published in 1984 and is still in print. Now retired from full-time ministry, Morrison-Reed divides his time between writing and other interests. He has been working with Meadville Lombard Theological School to organize and build the library's archive of materials relating to African American involvement in Universalism, Unitarianism, and Unitarian Universalism, and is teaching at the school on his research.

What would you say about MLTS to a prospective student?

“Look around and see who the leaders in the UUA have been. Many graduated from MLTS and others who did not served on its Board (e.g. Carolyn Owen-Towle, Larry Ladd, Bill Sinkford and Denny Davidoff).  MLTS trains ministers and community leaders who are also intuitionalist, activists and scholars.”