The following information can help you estimate the standard expenses of being a Meadville Lombard student in the Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MALS) program. Cost of Attendance is used in calculating financial aid, including grants and loans.

The charts below use the 2022/2023 Tuition and Fees in the calculations.

Student course loads and academic plans vary.  The Net Price Calculator is a great resource for estimating tuition and fees based on your specific degree and course plans.

Estimated Yearly Expenses: MALS

 The Master of Arts Leadership Studies program is an 18-month, 36-credit degree program. The chart below estimates the cost of attendance for the first and second years of the MALS Program.

Estimated 2022/2023 Tuition & Fees

  First Year
(9 months)
24 Credits
Second Year
(6 months)
12 Credits
Tuition $21,888 $10,944
Registration fees $600 $300
Student activity fee $70 $35
Comprehensive fee $150 $150
CPE registration fee (if applicable)    
Loan fees (if applicable) $300 $300
Estimated tuition and fees TOTAL $23,008 $11,729

Estimated Living Expenses*

Living expenses* $22,920 $22,920
Books and supplies $1,000 $1,000
Travel to/from Chicago, plus food & lodging $2,000 $2,000
Estimated living expenses TOTAL $25,920 $25,920

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance

  First Year Second Year
  $48,928 $37,649


*Includes housing, transportation (including to/from community internship sites), utilities, food, health insurance, and personal miscellaneous expenses. 

Source: Moderate 9-Month Budget, developed by the College Board based on data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics