The following information can help you estimate the standard expenses of being a Meadville Lombard student. This table assumes the average student is taking 30 credits and maintaining a modest lifestyle. Cost of Attendance is used in calculating financial aid, including grants and loans.

Student course loads and academic plans vary. For example, an average of 28 tuition-based credits per year are necessary for Master of Divinity students who plan to complete the program in three years; be sure to modify the tuition and registration fees as you estimate. The Net Price Calculator is a great resource for estimating tuition and fees based on your specific plans. The 2021/2022 tuition rate is $891/credit hour, and the course registration fee is $75/course/semester.

Estimated Yearly Expenses

Estimated 2021/2022 Tuition and Fees

Tuition (based on 30 credits) $26,730
Registration fees $750
Loan fees (if applicable) $300
Comprehensive fee $150
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) registration fee (if applicable) $150
Student activity fee $70
Estimated tuition and fees TOTAL $28,150

Estimated Living Expenses

9 months of living expenses* $21,540
Books and supplies $1,000
Travel to/from Chicago, plus lodging $2,000
Estimated living expenses TOTAL $24,540

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: $52,690


*Includes housing, transportation (including to/from community internship sites), utilities, food, health insurance, and personal miscellaneous expenses. 

Source: Moderate 9-Month Budget, developed by the College Board based on data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Average Completion Time of Our Degree Programs

To plan for the cost of attendance, below is the average time spent by our students to complete their degree programs.

  • The Master of Divinity degree program is a 90-credit program, which full-time students can complete in three years, averaging 30 tuition-based credits per year. Of those 90 credits, 6 credits (not tuition-based) are earned for Clinical Pastoral Education. The cost of Clinical Pastoral Education is not included in tuition.
  • The Master of Arts in Religion degree program is a 48-credit program, which full-time students can complete in two years, averaging 24 credits per year.
  • The Master of Arts in Leadership Studies degree program is a 36-credit program, which full-time students can complete in 18 months.

Credentialing Expenses

In addition to the standard expenses of being a student, Master of Divinity students seeking ordination within their particular religious tradition will need to plan for the costs of the credentialing process, which are the same regardless of the school the student attends. These expenses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) application fee and other associated costs (background check, drug testing)
  • Cost of transportation to and from CPE site
  • Career assessment costs
  • Cost of travel, lodging, and food for Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) appointment
  • Additional reading materials required buy the credentialing body
  • Criminal record check fee
  • Cost of attending annual denominational or organizational assemblies
  • Transcript request fees (undergraduate and graduate work, including seminary, for CPE, and denominational applications/packets)  

We are here to help if you need more information or one-on-one assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For students seeking credentialing within the Unitarian Universalist Association, please see the Credentialing page for more information.