“I feel, therefore I can be free,” says Audre Lorde, coaxing hearers from the realm of rationalism to attend ourselves to the whispering “black mothers in each of us-the poet.” This course invites a consideration of the liberative potential of emotions in the work of making community. As an essential part of what it is to be human, feeling and emotion must be welcome in a community that values wholeness, sustainability, and care. Inspired by interdisciplinary and multimedia resources for exploring the good of emotions in community-making, this course invites a consideration of how emotion may aid in the development, growth, authenticity and prophetic witness of various communities. How might happiness, anger, indifference, fear, skepticism, hope and empathy inform communities in pursuit of right relationship toward one another and the social world? How might collectively processing commonly held emotions aid in meaning-making toward liberative means and ends? How may embracing collective emotion invigorate our communal work toward liberation?