As a facilitated experience of faith formation, Beloved Conversations requires attention to a wide range of intellectual, psychological, and developmental factors. By purchasing the curriculum, you also receive a 1.5-day Opening Retreat, facilitated by a Fahs Collaborative staff member. The following eight sessions are facilitated by two members of your congregation (two facilitators per group of 10-12 participants). Your purchase also includes four hours of coaching services to help you and your congregation respond to the dynamics that unfold as you go along.  

How to Schedule Beloved Conversations  

Contact the Beloved Conversations Congregational Coordinator. During the call, you and the coordinator will discuss:

  • How the curriculum works, its history and impact with similar congregations, and how it’s different from traditional curricula about race/ethnicity
  • Your congregation’s experiences with discussions on matters of race/ethnicity, and what it seems like the congregation needs to learn
  • How the curriculum speaks to the learning and faith formation needs of both people of color and white people in your congregation
  • The types of support a congregation needs to successfully use the curriculum
  • How the Opening Retreat and follow-up sessions might fit into your congregation’s programming calendar
  • Ways to share the cost and deepen congregational learning
  • Which one of our wonderful retreat leaders might be the best fit to shepherd your congregation into new ways of thinking, feeling, and practicing Beloved Community

Beloved Conversations is licensed to each congregation individually, even in situations where the congregation “clusters” with another church. That license enables each congregation to re-use the curriculum as many times as it wishes. Each iteration of the curriculum begins with an Opening Retreat (led by a Fahs Collaborative staff member) designed to introduce participants to the spirit and power of this refreshing and spiritually robust approach to anti-racism work. All proceeds (beyond coaching fees, travel, and lodging) are returned to the Fahs Collaborative for the development of future learning experiences that expand the sense of human possibility.