Our Phased Roll-Out

Beloved Conversations Virtual will be rolling out over the next several church years, beginning in September 2020. This new version of our program will be released in three phases:    

  • WITHIN (the individual, personal work we each need to do), launched in Fall 2020;    
  • AMONG (the institutional, systemic change needed in our congregations), planned launch in Fall 2021; and    
  • BEYOND (the work outside our congregations, with our local communities), planned launch in Fall 2022.

The current phase, called "Within," focuses on the internal work that each of us needs to do as we engage in explorations of race and work for racial justice. This work is different for White folks and for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and will be done entirely in race-based caucuses.    

Within work will include individual Lessons, using videos, music, and readings, accompanied by reflection prompts and suggested conversations with a Critical Friend chosen by the participants; bi-weekly small group conversations in a Learning Pod; and larger, monthly, facilitated Meaning-Making Sessions on Zoom.    

There will be two separate terms of the Within program—Fall and Spring—which will contain different content. Participants can sign up for one or both and may begin in Spring or Fall.  

Learning Goals and Outcomes  

By the end of this program, you will be more clear about your own racial identity and personal history in relationship to racial justice.  

This curriculum offers tools and strategies to continue to deepen your learning and your commitment to racial justice.  

This first phase of the work will better prepare you to engage in the next phases, Among and Beyond, where we will start to look at how race, racism, and white supremacy impact the systems of our congregations and communities and work together to shift them. While personal work is an essential precursor to systemic work, it is also a worthy and needed focus in its own right, and should not be seen only as a means to an end.  

The aim of this program is to underline that racial justice work (and the self-understanding and personal work that is essential to it) is the work of our lifetime, and we engage it in different ways. There is no rush and no deadline; everyone has work to do and we will all have different learning goals and outcomes.