Beloved Conversations is an investment of both time and resources. When you purchase the curriculum for the first time, whether as an individual congregation or as a cluster of congregations, your package includes the following:

  • A 1.5-day Opening Retreat, led by a highly trained Fahs Collaborative staff member 
  • A license to the Beloved Conversations curriculum, allowing you to re-use the curriculum and receive updates and access to new curricula as they are published
  • Four hours of coaching between your retreat leader and the facilitators from your congregation, to support the facilitators before, during, and after the program
  • Access to additional support resources for facilitators, including our twice-monthly online facilitator support calls (Zoom video/phone meetings led by Fahs Collaborative staff), and membership in our closed Beloved Conversations Network Facilitators’ group

The program is designed to be done iteratively—repeated regularly, with new participants—over a long period of time, so as to build up a critical mass of people within the congregation(s) who have shared vocabulary, experience, and analysis. Luckily, since the major financial investment in Beloved Conversations comes up front, subsequent rounds of the program are less expensive for congregations and clusters.

The following reflects the price structure for Beloved Conversations, for both individual congregations and clusters.

Individual Congregation Pricing

Many congregations choose to run Beloved Conversations as an internal program for members and friends of their own congregation.  

First-Time Pricing

The cost of purchasing the Beloved Conversations package for the first time is calculated by congregational size:

Full Beloved Conversations package $1850 $2200 $3000

The full package includes a retreat leader fee for up to 40 participants, four hours of coaching, facilitator access to the Facebook group and semi-monthly online office hours, and full license to the curriculum. Note: If more than one retreat leader is required, add an additional $750 to the total package price.

Renewal Pricing

Individual congregations that run subsequent rounds of Beloved Conversations are charged a flat fee based on membership size:

Renewal: Beloved Conversations Retreat $800 $900 $1000

Renewal congregations retain access to Beloved Conversations curricula, Facebook group, and semi-monthly online office hours. Coaching is not included in the renewal pricing structure but can be negotiated for $50/hr on an à la carte basis. Note: If more than one retreat leader is required, add an additional $750 to the total package price.

Congregational Cluster Pricing

Some congregations choose to partner with others in their region to offer a joint Opening Retreat, which helps lower costs for all participating congregations; most congregations run the subsequent eight two-hour sessions in their own congregations, although some choose to form groups with participants from two or more congregations. While all clusters are unique, and we will create a custom quote for your cluster’s situation, quotes are created using the following price scale.

Clusters: First-Time Pricing 

First-time pricing for clusters of congregations includes both shared costs (for an Opening Retreat and coaching—four shared, Zoom-based coaching hours with your lead retreat leader and the facilitator teams from all participating congregations) and individual congregation-specific costs (curriculum licensing), as follows:

Opening Retreat fee $750 $1500
Coaching fee $200 $200


Curriculum license $600 $800 $1000

Clusters: Renewal Pricing

Renewal pricing for clusters of congregations is simple: $500 per congregation (add $750 if the Opening Retreat will have more than 40 participants, meaning more than one retreat leader is required).

Coaching is not included in the renewal pricing structure but can be negotiated for $50/hr on an à la carte basis. If any new congregations that were not formerly part of the cluster and have not done Beloved Conversations before want to participate in a renewal cluster retreat, we will also add a curriculum licensing fee (see table above) to the total quote for the cluster renewal retreat.

Other Incidental Costs to Congregations

In addition to the above costs, congregations are responsible for paying for all travel costs and accommodations for their retreat leader(s), which are not included in the purchase price of the Beloved Conversations package. Those costs can vary tremendously depending on where the retreat leader is coming from, whether the congregation is close to a major airport, if there are flights departing after the close of a retreat, if someone from the congregation can drive the retreat leader back and forth, and so forth.

Here are a list of potential costs congregations could expect to incur, with very general estimates of how much these things could cost:

  • Flight: $200-$500
  • Hotel: $100-$200 per night
  • Airport parking: $20-$50
  • Rental car: $100-$200
  • Round-trip baggage fees: $50
  • Meals in transit: $15-$50
  • Travel to and from airport: Variable