We enrich our students' learning process by honoring and drawing on their experience and wisdom students bring from a variety of vocational paths

Just as the ability to collaborate is essential to effective religious and spiritual leadership, collaborative learning is an essential element of a Meadville Lombard education. Our students come from a variety of vocational paths and educational environments, bringing a diversity of experience and wisdom. We ensure that you learn as much from one another as you do from your coursework.

Student cohorts at Meadville Lombard are a group of peers at the same stage of leadership formation. Each year, the students taking the same Signature Course create a cohort of about 30 students who meet via videoconference once a month, then break out into smaller groups to discuss and respond to assignments, debrief insights from internship experiences, and address shared vocational issues.

Students are also assigned to triads each semester. This small group meets weekly to support each other—processing classes, internships, and personal struggles and accomplishments together. Meadville Lombard faculty provide triads with assignments that cultivate deeper reflection and supportive relationships. Our alums often say that these triads are the best part of the Meadville Lombard learning community.

Many years after graduation, alums are nearly unanimous in reporting that members of their Meadville Lombard cohorts and triads continue to serve as their closest colleagues, lending to each other a precious network of personal support and professional collaboration, as well as serving as models for the sort of relationship building that is so essential as religious leaders. And it all began in their first days as students at Meadville Lombard.