To create a library account, all users must fill out a library account request form. To request an I-Share friendly library account, please fill out this PDF form and email it back to the librarian.

Your account will only be approved for I-Share if you have returned all of your library books. If you don’t know if you have books checked out, contact a librarian.

After you request your account, you will be given a barcode. Apply this barcode to your student ID. With your barcode handy, go to the I-Share login page and log in. You are now good to go!

If you have any problems creating your I-Share account, contact a librarian.

What Is I-Share?

I-Share is a consortium of 86 academic libraries in Illinois, including Meadville Lombard. Users at member libraries can check out books from any other member library using their school ID card. Current Meadville Lombard students, faculty, and staff are eligible for I-Share accounts.

Through I-Share:

  • You have access to millions of books!
  • You can request books online using your I-Share account, and renew them instantly.
  • If you live in Illinois (or near any of the other member libraries), you can pick up and return your library books at any I-Share library, rather than mailing them back to Meadville Lombard.
  • If you don’t live near any I-Share libraries, you can still request books and have them sent to the Wiggin Library. We’ll mail them to you, and when you’re done you can mail them back to us to return them to their library.
  • You will get automatic emails reminding you that your books are due soon.
  • You can get books faster than through interlibrary loan. Where an interlibrary loan can take weeks, I-Share books typically arrive for pickup in one week or less.