Thursday, June 1, 2023

10:00 am – 3:30 pm Central

Online by Dr. Mark Hicks
Angus Maclean Professor of Religious Education
Founding and Acting Director, The Fahs Collaborative for Innovative Faith Formation

One-day retreat/workshop to engage in a rejuvenating "Artistic Anthropology”

Make no mistake. Marginalized identities are under attack: LBGTQIA folks (“Don’t Say Gay”). People in poverty being under-served in all aspects of social and political life. The experience of violence against one’s gendered body or race. The colonialization of one’s mind, ideas—even property.  These hardships can result in “spirit murder,” a slow and painful attack on your soul, conscience, and creative spirit. How does the enduring presence of Universalism speak to these times? What can we glean by asking questions through the generative lens of faith formation and the arts attentive to the inhabitation of our racial identities, gender identities, and sexual orientations?

During this one-day retreat/workshop, learners are invited to engage in an "Artistic Anthropology” of seminal stories told about themselves, as well as stories they tell to themselves and others. Learners should bring five xeroxed copies of personal or family photographs to use as memory sparks. This workshop is intended as a deeply liberative, hands-on experience where we create a safe space through shared covenant. This workshop also welcomes back the much beloved Dr. Mark Hicks, Angus Maclean Professor of Religious Education and Founding and Acting Director of The Fahs Collaborative for Innovative Faith Formation, after a long hiatus.

Join us for this special event where your experience is honored, your self is renewed, and our collective bonds are strengthened in the ever-creative and present hope for flourishing and liberation. This workshop will be recorded and available to registered participants for one week and for their personal use.

Enrollment is open to faith formation workers, students and seminarians, ministers, lay people, and all of goodwill.

Click here for a transcript of the video greetings.


Students, seminarians, and full-time volunteers $35
Religious professionals, clergy, theological educators, and co-vocational lay leaders and lay people $85


Registration for the retreat/workshop on June 1, 2023 is closed. If you'd like to be notified when the registration for our program opens next time, please fill out this form