January 5-7, 2018

We live in volatile times. The rise of neo-fascism, divisive political rhetoric, refugee crisis and devastation caused by climate change are happening on a global scale. We need more spiritually grounded community leaders who are bold and well-versed in this multicultural, multifaith, multiracial world with wider, international perspective. Meadville Lombard's degree programs are designed to educate and create such leaders.

Have you been called to spiritual leadership, to care for wounded souls and lead the fight against oppression and injustice, but haven't decided where to start your education and training? Come visit us, meet our current students and distinguished faculty, and experience the ML Learning Community—the deep, loving support system that will be your navigator throughout your journey, even after graduation.

For $75, you can choose to either attend the Prospective Student Conference only (includes 1 night in nearby lodging and 3 meals), or stay two nights (includes 4 meals) for an opportunity to earn 1.5 credit hours, tuition-free!


We offer you a unique opportunity to earn 1.5 credit hours ($1,195.50 value) in President Lee Barker’s course, Religious Leadership in a Post-Denominational Age, TUITION-FREE. $722.75 ($597.75 for reduced tuition, and $125 for course registration and technology fees) is required at the time of course registration, but we will reimburse the tuition* in spring 2019, if you:

  1. Apply to one of our programs after the weekend;
  2. Are accepted into one of our programs;
  3. Successfully complete the weekend class, and take the second part of the course in spring 2018 (no need to be in Chicago for the Spring Intensives);and
  4. Successfully complete the Fall 2018/2019 semester in academic and financial good standing.

*Reimbursement will be in the amount of $597.75 and does not include fees. Reimbursement will be made only if all four criteria have been met. Other restrictions may apply.

Questions? Contact Jim Proctor, Officer of Recruitment at (312)212-0671 or jproctor@meadville.edu