Meadville Lombard partners with the American Humanist Association (AHA) Center for Education Humanist Studies Program to foster leadership that is ethically grounded, informed, skillful, globally responsible, personally sustainable and committed to meeting the genuine needs of real people. 

Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MALS) with a Concentration in Humanism

This concentration in our MALS program provides advanced work for lay leaders, ministers, and ministerial students in the theory and practice of leadership within congregations and community-based ministries through a Humanist lens.

Students obtain an emphasis in Humanism from Humanist Studies Program with ability to apply credits towards a Meadville Lombard MALS degree. The MALS degree with a Concentration in Humanism equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to be effective, grounded, justice-seeking Humanist leaders in community-based ministries or chaplaincy work.

We welcome all humanists (secular, naturalistic, scientific, atheistic, non-theistic, and religious) interested in training to be effective leaders, spokespersons, and advocates for Humanism.

Humanist Studies Program (through the American Humanist Association)

Meadville Lombard also welcomes those students who are participating in the Certificate in Humanist Studies program of the American Humanist Association. If this is the program you wish to participate, you must first enroll in the Certificate in Humanist Studies program, then register for the Humanism Certificate program at Meadville Lombard.

Take a Class

In partnership with the AHA, we offer courses on Humanism. You are welcome to take these courses as a student at large without enrolling in the Master of Arts degree program nor the Humanist Studies Program.