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Meadville Lombard offers top master’s degree programs to prepare students for ministry and religious leadership in the Unitarian Universalist tradition of justice, equity, and compassion. As a recognized leader among accredited theological schools, Meadville Lombard created the Contextual Learning model to combine innovative learning, intensive courses for low residency, and integrated mentorships for on-site experience. Meadville’s graduate programs enable you to pursue your degree wherever you wish to live across the country and beyond.

Distinctive Master's Degree Programs
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv): A three-year professional Unitarian Universalist degree program for students pursuing ordained ministry.
  • Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MALS): 18-month degree programs focusing on the theory and practice of leadership in community-based ministries. MLTS offers two concentration areas: in Lay Ministry and in Social Engagement. Either concentration can be completed as a standalone degree or as a dual degree with the Master of Divinity.
  • Master of Arts in Religion (MAR): A two-year degree program offering laypersons an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of religion to prepare for further academic study or to strengthen their work in lay leadership.
Innovative. Intensive. Integrated.
Meadville Lombard’s Contextual Learning model of theological education is a unique hybrid learning format that enables students to live, work, and study in their own communities across the United States and around the globe: 
  • Week-long intensive master’s degree classes on-site in Chicago only in January, March, and July 
  • Independent and small-group study via Meadville Lombard’s electronic classroom, email, and phone 
  • Integrated, hands-on internships in your own congregation and community 
  • The support of teaching pastors as ministerial mentors throughout your degree program
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