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Forging pathways in faith formation that spark the human spirit

The Fahs Collaborative Laboratory for Innovation in Faith Formation is a feisty cohort of religious educators who support people in living meaningful, socially conscious, and spiritually grounded lives. Our aim is to dismantle theological and cultural walls that divide the human family; promote alternative approaches to outmoded thinking, teaching, and learning strategies; and bring our creativity and social imagination to sticky problems that keep us from flourishing. 

Faith Formation @ Work!

Sophia Lyon Fahs was an early 20th-century Unitarian religious educator who pushed the boundaries of institutional religious life. She asserted that the church’s function is “to teach us how to put religious and ethical qualities into all kinds of experience,” and said that transforming education for the future of faith is our “great work.” The Fahs Collaborative continues Fahs’s legacy. We bring together unlikely actors and new ideas, developing resources and practices that deepen faith, build resilience, honor diversity, and strengthen communities. Our work is to help faith transform lives and the world we share—for good. Together, we are forging the future of faith formation.

  • Fahs Collaborative curricula support learning that makes a difference. Our curriculum catalogue includes Beloved Conversations, Creating Theology TogetherSophia Fahs Sunday, and We Who Defy Hate. We also offer Curriculum Incubator services to help innovators develop new faith formation approaches. 
  • The Fahs Innovation Network is a collection of religious educators willing to work on innovative solutions to challenges in faith formation or congregational life. The network includes our Fahs Research Fellows and Curriculum Incubator teams
  • The MacLean Religious Education Special Collection includes 200+ years of Unitarian Universalist religious education artifacts and curricula, and its continued growth is supported by the Fahs Collaborative. Scholars and educators are invited to use the materials to support research, teaching, and learning.

Join us in the good work of aligning the dreams of your heart with educational practices that heal the world.