Welcome to the Meadville Lombard Alum Association*!

No matter whether you are a recent graduate of one of Meadville Lombard’s newest programs and remember looking out on Lake Michigan, or whether you spent your student years in Hyde Park across the way from First Unitarian Church, you are connected to a long line of scholars, ministers, teachers, and community advocates who share a strong academic foundation. We are part of an evolution that has nurtured our Unitarian and Universalist roots, and that has propelled us into different kinds of ministries and professions that continue to grow our faith and our dedication to peace and justice.

We are parish and community ministers, hospital and military chaplains, teachers, business people, entrepreneurs, and more. We move through the world asserting ethical and compassionate mores enhanced by our Meadville Lombard learning and associated praxis.

We recognize a need to seek each other out as we gather together in local clusters, at regional meetings, study groups, retreats, graduations, and General Assemblies. These bonds are not trivial and pay homage to our Meadville Lombard experience, connections, and roots. They help us to maintain and to rekindle friendships, to broaden and to strengthen our ministries. As we stay connected, we can support this living, breathing, evolving institution that has given us so much.

We can be proud of Meadville Lombard’s steadfastness and the innovation that has helped us remain a vital entity in religious education, while other institutions have not been so fortunate. Courageous choices have been made, and the consistent focus has continued to be on excellence in scholarship and ministry while broadening perspectives that encompass not only our congregations, but also the wider community.  

Take advantage of your benefits as a Meadville Lombard graduate:

  • Take a class
  • Visit the campus
  • Make use of the incredible resources in the library and archives. The Wiggin Library now has a specific online catalog (with purple header) that our alums are encouraged to use. You can find the way back to the catalog homepage with the purple header by clicking the purple buttons or the link to the Wiggin Library. 

Join your fellow alums in giving back to our dear alma mater and paying it forward: 

We can also support the mission of Meadville Lombard:

I am a proud Meadville Lombard grad, and I am pleased that I have been afforded an opportunity to serve and to have a venue to be a liaison between graduates and the school. Please feel free to contact me if you want to explore opportunities to be of service to Meadville Lombard or to talk about the exciting work of the school today.

May we all be vessels and witnesses for the good we need in the world.


Rev. Connie Simon, MDiv ’18
President of the Alum Association

Rev. Viola Abbitt, MDiv '19, Vice President

Rev. Kevin DeBeck, MDiv '18, Secretary

Rev. Kali Fyre, MDiv '17, Covenant Officer 


*Note: We changed the association's name from Alumni/ae Association to Alum Association, in order to be more inclusive. Alumni is the plural form of alumnus, a male graduate, and alumnae is the plural form of alumna, a female graduate. Our association is for Meadville Lombard graduates of all genders.

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